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We will be bringing the Tribble server down for maintenance to apply a new update.

  • Significantly increased the rate at which the Plasma Flamethrower's primary fire drains Plasma Fuel.
  • Changed the display name for attacks made by Wing Cannon Platforms so they can be more clearly identified in the combat log.
    • This is a display change only.
  • Using the Tachyon Drone hangar pets on the Jem'Hadar Dreadnought and Jem'Hadar Heavy Escort Carrier will now result in actually launching Tachyon Drones, instead of Orion Interceptors.
  • Space Stealth and Cloaking Updates:
    • The Romulan and Reman Deflector Dishes no longer provide a percentage-based increase, but instead provide a flat numeric increase to Stealth abilities.
      • The Reman Deflector bonus is now +15 on all Blue quality versions, and +30 on the Mk XII Purple .
      • The Romulan Deflector bonus is now +15.
    • The Subterfuge Trait no longer provides a percentage-based increase, but instead provides a large increase to the "Starship Stealth" skill of their captain.
      • +100 / +150 / +200 for ranks 1, 2, and 3, respectively.
    • All ranks of the Subterfuge Trait have gained a Defense bonus.
      • +1.25% / +2.5% / +3.75% for ranks 1, 2, and 3, respectively.
    • The Stealth Bonus and Ambush Bonus from having multiple Bridge Officers with Subterfuge does not stack, but the Defense bonus will.
  • Updated the description for the Subterfuge trait.
    • This is a text change only.

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