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03-08-2013, 05:23 PM
I still don't like the lack of RPG mode on this weapon. This is extremely annoying. It requires to constantly press 1 and you can't really use your other powers. Try it, try to use your kit, try to tank, try to do something while using the flamethrower.

The secondary mode is interesting, a strong KB ability is cool.

I gave it to a NPC, and here the fun begins. The NPC seems to be unable to use the weapon properly, since it will fire randomly while on red alert (I haven't been able to determine when and why), and when the fights come close to a complex terrain (such as a door) then it starts to rotate like an idiot not firing at the enemy. The AI still needs a lot of work, especially with pathfinding and firing. When the boff gets at melee range with it then it's completely stupid.

The boff will also pick a random npc to shoot at and it will ignore the larger groups, making the use of the flamethrower pointless.

Currently, this weapon is clearly not interesting ATM, for boffs or for myself.

Tested it on tribble with a foundry mission i've designed for this test (dumb mobs alert).

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