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# 1 Am I DOA to play STO?
03-08-2013, 08:36 PM
Greetings wise forums dwellers of the Technical variety!

Here's my deal. I can make it as far as character selection before getting booted from STO. Happens every time I try. I've run nettest and the numbers don't look good at all. And to make matters worse my campus tech support sent me this

"Unfortunately the ports used by MMO online games are also used by peer to peer file sharing sites. (School name redacted) has most of these ports blocked and will not be unlocking them."

Right now I get around this issue by going over to a friends place every few days as I am now. But it would be nice to be able to get into sto daily for refining and doffing.

Thanks in advance. I will leave payment in faerie blood to appease the machine spirits later.
Cheers from Antonio Valerio Cortez III, Half-Celestial Archduke of the Free Marches Confederacy.

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