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03-09-2013, 01:13 PM
I only have a few thoughts.

I wouldn't use hybrids on the front, just the rear. Get x3 weapons for the front. Grab crthx2 hybrids for the rear. Turrets are crap dmg, but good for procs. Disruptors on a KDF ships is pretty obvious also.

Not a fan of your skill tree. The only skills I would spend more than 7 points into are those that effect DMG, Crits, Hull Strength and Shield Strength. You're an "In & Out" fighter, most of those slots that you spent 9 in won't make enough of a difference to warrant the extra 2 points. What you save there can be spent else where.

The same can be said on Hull & Shield repair skill points. 3 in each is all you need if you are going to stay in a BoP. Your ship will repair on it's own pretty fast under cloak and who says you want your hull @ 100% anyway. Use the dmg from one run to boost the dmg on the next with Go Down Fighting.

You might even want to consider Driver Coil. Sounds stupid, but it will raise your full impulse speed and allow you to catch up to that Fed who is running away.

I'd toss out the Omega/Honor mix and just go with either the Borg set for survival or Honor Guard for faster escape.

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