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# 1 MACO X vs XII vs jemhadar
03-10-2013, 03:20 PM
Im currently running on jemhadar set fro mstory missions - but perhaps its to upgrade/change things around. In 4 days i have T5 rep unlocked.

So i looked at the maco resilient gear - its good but.... is it?
The price for xii is insane (ignoring omega marks - just a matter of little farming) - the dilithium. Its more then 2x of the X version yet has very minor boost to it.

How would it compare to the jemhadar set (XI)?
Shields got 5% bleed/absorb and 10% all resist
In addition also kinetic resist and crew res/disable.

And the polaron damage bonus from set (sweep is somewhat useless tho).

So compared to maco X there isnt much of a advantage.

Would it be best to stick with jemhadar (since i already use phased polaron weapons) instead of wasting huge amounts of dil/bnp/omega for little bonus.

Upgrading jemhadar to xii unfortunately isnt really a option nether - lobi cristals for f2p is more or less inaccessible currency.

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