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# 1 Turn Rate Maths (need help)
03-10-2013, 05:16 PM
So I was bored and decided to try and find out how the game calculates turn rates for fun and wow. I am either missing something huge or their may be a bug of sorts.

The method STO uses for it's math is pretty basic and universal across many systems including shield totals, boff abilities, shield regen, weapon damage, and several others I'm sure that I'm forgetting about. You have a base value, stuff adds to that base value typically calculated as a % of it, then that total gets multiplied by any true modifiers to give a final value.

For the test I used a Tac Oddy and Defiant. I learned that the vast majority of modifiers are additive in nature I will list below. To find this I simply went to tribble, cleared out any skills that may interfere, and then watched how the numbers changed when I methodically added each item.

- Engine Power
- [Turn] mod on Engines
- Starship Impulse Thruster Skill
- RCS Consoles
- Turn Rate boosting Boff abilities

The way those all work is that they give a flat bonus that is added to the base and to one another. Meaning if you start at 10 turn rate and use an RCS console to gain another 2 turn rate you will have 12. If you instead raise engine power by enough to gain 2 turn rate for a total of 12 and then add the same RCS console it will still only provide 2 turn rate for a total of 14.

I also realized some strange things that make absolutely no sense to me.

- Boff buffs do not stack. If you activate EM3, Aux2Damp, and APO you will only gain the boost from one, not all three.
- Engine type, rank, and quality have absolutely no effect at all.

Now here is where it gets really weird. As I stated before I used a base Defiant and a Tactical Oddessy. In the chart below I will compare the changes in turn rates.

Base Amount: Defiant (17) Oddy (6)
In Space 25 Power Mod: Defiant (20.7/+3.7) Oddy (6.8/+.8)
+30% RCS Mod: Defiant (24.9/+4.2) Oddy (7.7/+.9)
+Turn Engine Mod: Defiant (22.1/+1.4) Oddy (7.1/+.3)
+141% Aux 2 Damp Mod: Defiant (40.5/+19.8) Oddy (11.0/+4.2)
All above combined: Defiant (46.1) Oddy (12.2)

Now this makes absolutely no sense to me. So the next logical step is to find some %s and see if they make any sense.

% of listed base / Defiant / Oddy
Power Mod: D (22%) / O (13%)
RCS Mod: D (25%) / O (15%)
+Turn Mod: D (8%) / O (5%)
Aux 2 Damp: D (115%) / (70%)
Combined: D (171%) / (103%)

Ok that was interesting. If the defiant is getting 100% of the bonus so to speak that means the oddessy is only receiving about 60% of the bonus. The only other factor I can think of is the inertia values. Defiant has 70 while the Oddy has 20. The only conclusion I can make is that the inertia value is somehow creating the difference in which case...

Why are slow turning ships penalized twice? ARGH. It is the same as the beam issue they have lower damage to begin with, which is fine, but then the energy drain mechanics give them a double penalty whammy which messes it all up. /rant off.

But no seriously does anyone know the role inertia plays or am I missing something?

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