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Lt. Commander
Join Date: Jun 2012
Posts: 245
My rig:

2x 1363-KR GTX460SC in SLi
8gb RAM

Runs every other game I play at around 60, 65, 70*, which are the normal load temps for the GTX 460s. Including FarCry 3, uber-modded Skyrim, Interwebs Tanks, etc.

Played STO a few months ago just fine, no problems at all.

Patched and fired it up today, standing in ESD..

Instant 80*, black screen, stuttering sound. Have to reboot.

Get into a DSE, instant 80*, black screen, stuggering sound. Have to reboot.

Re-greased the primary card's heatsync (as the secondary card never tops 55*).

Instant 80*, black scree, stuttering sound. Have to reboot.

Play Skyrim for 2 hours, card never tops 70*.

Come back to STO, instant 80*, black scree, stuttering sound. Have to reboot.

Something's not right here.

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