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Originally Posted by stardestroyer001 View Post
I do have to question the validity of this vessel as a playable T5 starship. Sure, it's been seen to be on-par or better with the biggest, baddest cruisers in Starfleet's NPC ships, but is it really a marketable product?

Besides, the ship really breaks the traditional looks of Starfleet "saucer-engineering hull-nacelles" configuration. Although stats may be enough to win over certain captains, I would stay away from buying this ship. To be honest, I would get sick of the look after a week of playing.
To answer your first question, yes I think that it's a marketable product. As you would/have/or will see in the plethora of pages that this thread contains, there are many who would buy the ship. In fact this is the second thread I've opened on the topic, the first having been closed with the forum overhaul. Not to mention there will undoubtably be quite a few players IG who don't use the forums who would buy it, and I know for a fact there are many players who would buy it for the sake of saying they have all the ships in the game.

Secondly, to be honest, there are MANY ships IG that break the Saucer/Engineering/Nacelles look. Most of the escorts for a start, a few science ships and even some variants of the Stargazer! I'd say that the Jupiter looks like a bigger brother to the Stargazer, and I wouldn't be remiss by saying the resemblance is a bit close.

Hope that answers your questions,
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