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03-11-2013, 03:44 PM
Originally Posted by hurleybird View Post
Unfortunately, I don't think that's good advice anymore. For feds, any fleet outside of Sad Pandas, Inner Circle, TSI, or Turkish RP Heroes isn't likely to teach good habits. Orion Slave Girls' PvP section is arguably the only decent Klingon team. Go outside of those fleets, and it's the blind leading the blind. However, on the fed side at least, none of the those fleets are likely to recruit newbies (Pandas is a possible exception, as we tend to recruit more on maximum potential than current ability). It's a tough spot to be in.

My advice is to forget about finding a fleet that does PvP and will accept you, because the ones that will probably aren't competent. Instead, seek out the best players and train with them. While none of the federation fleets I mentioned are likely to accept you as a fresh recruit, they will certainly help you if you ask for it. Train with them and they'll make you a far better player than you'd be if you joined a fail fleet.
Originally Posted by aquitaine985 View Post

TRH poaches every decent player they can from any fleet they see, Pandas have done it too. Without "the blind leading the blind" fleets, there would be NO Pandas to laugh at.
First off, I disagree with both of you.

Hurlybird, there are many more fleets out there than just the four mentioned that are strong in pvp. It doesnt matter who wins every match, or who is the "best". everything that i have learned as a player has came from many different fleets and players. so i recommend that anyone wanting to learn more about pvp take advice from any pvp fleet. some may have more to offer in certain areas than others, but everyone has their own valueable experience and opinions about pvp.

I recommend players talk to multiple fleets/players about advice/builds. they all have their own opinions about what works, and what doesn't. its up to the person taking the advice to accept it and use it. Of course we all hope that they don't rely too heavily on keybinds or p2w consoles, they first have to see and realize they dont need it before they decide to make that decision.

The first thing one has to remember is that learning pvp takes time. For some people, more than others, but they'll still get there. all of the things i have learned are from a collection of players and fleets, such as Attack fleet Omega, Battlegroup Atlantis, S.O.B., a few players from caspian division, 106th, TSI, Pandas, Apocalypse, Inner Circle, and some of our own fleet members from TRH. many more too, but i cant remember them all. i've worked with individuals and ran teams with some or most of these fleets in my history as a pvper.

Reg, TRH doesnt poach people. We may offer for someone to join, but most of the people that have joined our fleet join because of positive things that they have heard about our fleet/players, because they like our playstyle, and the knowledge many of our players have.

On a positive note, i would also be glad to help if needed, and I also recommend talking to any of these players and any of the other pvp fleets to hear their thoughts and success with ship builds.


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