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03-11-2013, 09:56 PM
Originally Posted by sirsitsalot View Post
No... PWE doesn't need people to buy from the Zen store. They just need people buying Zen. What they do with it after they have bought it is their own business.
I'll clue you in, people aren't just going to buy Zen and not buy anything with it.

Originally Posted by sirsitsalot View Post
It is the ZEN that PWE makes their money off of. Not what is bought using the ZEN. That factors into the metrics that measure what players like from the C-store. And because Zen and Dilithium are interchangable, the option not to spend a dime on the game is there. But if we won't spend money, we have to spend time.
Right and Wrong.

If you don't put something in the store nobody is going to buy, that's lost revenue since you had basically wasted time to create that item. That's why the STO team made it clear they are reluctant to make new KDF ships, because they aren't making money.

So while PWE gets the money after you convert it ZEN, they still need to justify it by having something in the Z-store that you want to buy with that purchased Zen.

And when it comes earning Dilithium or Astral Gems in the games, they aren't making anykind of income since you aren't going to bother to purchase Zen, which in turn goes to maintaining these games and paying the Development teams.

So yes, what people do with that Zen is very much their business. You either make a profit or "game over".

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