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Originally Posted by elessym View Post
Their UI calls it the Zen store.
No their UI shows a zen symbol. It shows you that it uses zen but a symbol is not always the same thing as a name.

Open up the game launcher. Look at the giant button. It says c store.

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Originally Posted by syberghost View Post
I think there may be a language barrier issue here, I'm not sure whether you're asking a question "can I use my Zen today to buy a gold sub?" or providing feedback "Cryptic, please add a way for me to buy a sub with my Zen".

If you're asking the question, no, it's not possible today, nor have they advertised any plans to make it so any time soon.

If you're requesting that they do so, I agree; they should. Or rather, I think they should abandon the sub model altogether, and move to the pure F2P model that Neverwinter is going to have. Give all us lifers a big chunk of stuff to make up for loss of the stipend, and move on.
For what it's worth... as a Lifer, I'd be completely against anything that would make me lose my stipend.

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