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03-13-2013, 12:28 PM
Originally Posted by warpedcore View Post

Now that we know it's a new faction, we should start asking other questions.
We don't, actually. The image you linked to is indicative of an eventual Romulan faction, and the May Update has been indicated to have a Romulan connection, but we do not know if the Romulan faction will come in the May Update. For all we know, the May Update may set the stage for the faction, with the actual faction not coming until the fall update.
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Originally Posted by profhat View Post
As of this post the page count stands at 29 for this thread.

If one takes the statements of dstal and cpt. geko at face value , that the next update/season ,what have you, is to big to call a "season" , then , logicaly , this update is to big to release all at once.

As such this update will be released peacemeal to prevent instablity in the arcitecture.

So in seven days [ count down timer at this point ] , we will discover what this is about.

Theories ;

1 , The release of a FE ,that is a lead up to the release of the Romulan Star Empire as a playable faction , staring Denice Crosby as Empress Sela.

2, The general release of the Romulan Star Empire as a playable faction. [this is the least likely posiblity]

3, The expiration of a NDA concerning the next update.

This will not advance the time line of the game in any way.
Good point. They have done that in the past.

I can haz joystick!
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04-26-2013, 09:19 AM
awwww hell yeah!!! can't wait to see this.

---post above is kirk3rocks4me---

EDIT: Closed for necroing an old thread. Remember, if a thread has been inactive for 30 days, you should not post to it. There are plenty of other threads on this topic if you'd like to discuss it further ~BranFlakes

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