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Dear Devs,

The selection of ensign level engineering powers is preeeeeeetty lame. There are the four flavors of emergency-power-to, all of which are bound by a shared cool, and eng team 1. Science has 8 un-bound powers to choose from at the ensign level and tactical has 9 powers, though six of those are bound beam powers, four of them beam-target-x flavors, two are bound torp powers and then there's tac team. So, I would personally appreciate it if some, if not all, of the aux-to-x powers could be brought down one rank, this would give eng ensigns 8 powers to choose from, the four bound emergency powers, eng team 1, and the three bound aux-to-x powers, or perhaps boarding party and or extend shields could be brought down instead... just one way or another, it would be incredibly helpful if there were a bit more variety available at the engineer ensign level.

Please and thank you. ^^

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