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I am extremely frustrated with the poor planning for Fleet development.

I get it's expensive. This post isn't about the costs. I am willing to support the development of our now T3 Starbase with maybe 100 active members. But these limited time-frame projects are getting stupid.

Without being able to control what is selected as the next project, these wonderful limited time projects suck the life out of anyone other than large fleets. It is a recipe for failure, and penalizes those players not in a large fleet.

Cryptic - I spent over $1200 in 2012 cause I like the game. Heck, I'll even turn a blind eye to the gambling? that lock-boxes have become. But understand I have not spent 1 dime on PWE ZEN in 2013, and WONT until this is fixed. I'm a sucker for new ships and new weapons, but my $$$ are going elsewhere until you get your act together.

My Two Bits ($1200 in fact)

Admiral Thrax


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