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# 1 Release Notes: March 13, 2013
03-13-2013, 06:37 PM

All EV Suit Armors have gained a base amount of Cold Resist.
- The value is equal to what they currently possess for Fire Resist.

The Cryo Pulsewave and its Mk XII upgrade now deal 75% of their previous damage when fired against Players.
- Their damage output against NPCs remains unaltered.

Players that have picked up the Virus from their base in Shanty Town will be unable to use Stealth Powers until they get rid of the Virus, or die trying.

Changed the display name for attacks made by Wing Cannon Platforms so they can be more clearly identified in the combat log.
- This is a display change only.

Using the Tachyon Drone hangar pets on the Jem'Hadar Dreadnought and Jem'Hadar Heavy Escort Carrier will now result in actually launching Tachyon Drones, instead of Orion Interceptors.

Space Stealth and Cloaking Updates:
- The Romulan and Reman Deflector Dishes no longer provide a percentage-based increase, but instead provide a flat numeric increase to Stealth abilities.
-- The Reman Deflector bonus is now +15 on all Blue quality versions, and +30 on the Mk XII Purple.
-- The Romulan Deflector bonus is now +15.
- The Subterfuge Trait no longer provides a percentage-based increase, but instead provides a large increase to the "Starship Stealth" skill of their captain.
-- +100 / +150 / +200 for ranks 1, 2, and 3, respectively.
- All ranks of the Subterfuge Trait have gained a Defense bonus.
-- +1.25% / +2.5% / +3.75% for ranks 1, 2, and 3, respectively.
- The Stealth Bonus and Ambush Bonus from having multiple Bridge Officers with Subterfuge does not stack, but the Defense bonus will.

Updated the description for the Subterfuge trait.
- This is a text change only.

It is once again possible to select animations for NPCs on Space maps.

Added the following ?Detail? objects to the Foundry:
- Bed - TOS Sickbay L 01
- Bed - TOS Sickbay M 01
- Bed - TOS 01
- Chair - TOS 01
- Chair - TOS Captain's Chair
- Console - TOS Sickbay
- Console - TOS Table Console S 01
- Console - TOS Table Console L 01
- Console - TOS Table Console L 02
- Console - TOS Ship Generator
- Console - TOS Transporter Console
- Console - TOS Wall Console
- Console - TOS Bridge 01
- Console- TOS Console M 01
- Decor - TOS Pillow
- Decor - TOS Wall Prop 01
- Decor - TOS Wall Prop 02
- Decor - TOS Wall Prop 03
- Decor - TOS Wall Prop 04
- Decor - TOS Sickbay Wall Light
- Table - TOS Conference Table
- Table - TOS Lounge
- Table - TOS Captain's Desk
- TOS Warp Core Housing
- TOS Warp Core Conduits
- TOS Warp Core Complete
- Wall - TOS Closed Gate
- Wall - TOS Open Gate
- Wall - TOS Orange Grate
- Wall - TOS Research Console
- Wall - Turbolift TOS
- Weapon - Federation TOS Phaser Rifle
- Weapon - Federation TOS Phaser Pistol
- Weapon - Klingon TOS Disruptor Pistol

Added a transporter room to the Foundry.
- It's available on indoor and outdoor maps under the "Details" tab.

The icon for Contacts on Cryptic maps will no longer display as three times per contact.


Players in a fleet should be able to get to their fleet?s Holdings page from the Fleet front page.
- The Holdings page should show the fleet?s current tier progress.
-- Clicking on a tier should give information on that tier.
- Clicking on a project will show the donation buckets and the progress of each bucket.
- If a player has donation privileges they should be allowed to contribute just as they would in game.
-- By default, anyone over a recruit should have donation privileges, but this is controlled by Fleet leaders.
-- If a player is allowed to manage fleet holdings, they should be able to see what project is coming up next.
- Each Holding should have a Provisions page and a Leaderboard page which function much as they do in-game.
There are some limitations to managing Fleet Holdings in Gateway.
- Currently donating Duty Officers and certain other items is disabled.
- New projects cannot be slotted from Gateway.
- Successfully contributing to a project incorrectly brings you back to the tier page.
- The donation slider displays incorrect values for certain items.
- Players can select project slots that are marked ?Not Available?, however they just show blank boxes.

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