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# 1 Need help increasing DPS
03-14-2013, 06:23 AM
Currently I am a tac captain flying a jem hadar dread with bugs (yes i also have a JHAS)

On ISE i manage around 3.5k for the main ship and 2.5k for the bugs, whilst i dont think I can improve the bugs much surely I can up my DPS of my main ship.

Im using 6 x spiral wave beam arrays and 1 ferengi Missile
4 x Disruptor coils mk xii (2 x very rare and 2 x rare)

My boffs, 4 are human doffs and one borg power buff doff:-

Tac CMD TT,BO2, BO3 and APO3
Tac LT TT & BFW1
Eng LT CMD EPS1, RSP and AuxSIF2

My Doff set up is:-

2 x purple Hangar recharge
1 x 10% damage to borg
2 x purple Cannnon (I ment beam)

Unless im careless I dont die anymore in STFs as I seem quite tanky and can even throw the odd heal out.

My only suggested change would be to drop ES and pick up EPTW which helped a bit, but not noticeably.

I tried a polaron cannon & turret set up, but my DPS was still the same...

Anyone got any good advice, I mainly STF but do the occasional team PVP which I want to do more of.


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