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I like the idea of Jam and Scramble Sensors on my Science Ships/Science Officer, but I'm liking them less and less after trying them. Jam can be nice if you don't want a target attacking you, but you really don't want to attack it, either. A little too situational for me. And Scramble Sensors does not seem to last long, even with investment in a Sensor Probe for a console.

Now, the Science cap I'm trying this on is still rear admiral lower half, so he hasn't quite invested in the countermeasure skill yet. Will Scramble become worth it after doing so, or should I move on to something else? I'm growing to like the idea of a drain build, where I use Polarons, Energy Siphon, and other skills to get shields down and let my torpedoes and Gravity Well finish the job. Given that, I'm wondering if I should just focus on that concept, dropping Scramble Sensors for Tachyon Beam or Photonic Shockwave.

At any rate, that was a lot of stuff to ask if Scramble Sensors is worth it, and if I'm just missing something when I only see it working for a couple of seconds before the ships return to firing at me.

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