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Originally Posted by organicmanfred View Post
By the way, how did you get your ship so shiny? What Discovery element did you use?
The shiny hull is the Veteran hull material with Quasar pattern. I didn't use any Discovery parts, just mentioned that they are some of the options.
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I have several characters:
Onile'e Ged, the ENG Trill, is flying ships named after prominent Hawaiian things. Her current one is the U.S.S. Fort Elizabeth, after the Russian star fort on Kauai. It's an Oddy, so something nigh-indestructable is appropriate. Ua Mau Ke Ea O Ka Aina I Ka Pono.
D'Kaan, the SCI Caitian, is presently flying an Atrox Carrier, the U.S.S. Sekhmet, the Egyptian lioness headed goddess of protection and destruction.
Urruah, the TAC Caitian and D'Kaan's 'little' brother, got a Jem'Hadar bugship. It was so weird, he called it the U.S.S. Jagermonster. Google Girl Genius to see why.
T'Lat, my Vulcan ENG, is something of a cypher; her current ship is the U.S.S. Seleya.
"Susse-thrai" had been the name bestowed upon her, half in anger, half in affection, by her old crew on Bloodwing; the keen-nosed, cranky, wily old she-beast, never less dangerous than when you thought her defenseless, and always growing new teeth far back in her throat to replace the old ones broken in biting out the last foe's heart.
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03-06-2013, 10:37 PM
My current ship is the Viceroy, an Odyssey Tactical. My naming schema has always been aristocratic father figures. In fact I think I used "Patrician" a few ships back. Mostly because I play as a tank, so when you need a place to hide, run to the castle, run to... the Viceroy.

I've got the Lobi crystals and I'm considering getting the Jem'Hadar Dreadnought Carrier. If I do it will be named the Valravn, after the Danish ravens of the slain. The swept-back lines of Jem'Hadar design look positively avian, and the thought of a massive carrier, gliding silently across what was a battlefield a few moments ago, fighter craft buzzing about as they check the hulks for survivors or valuable salvage...
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03-07-2013, 08:16 AM
Hi everyone

I have name by ships as follow

USS Jeanne d'Arc for obvious reasons
USS BIr-Hakeim for the famous battle in north africa were the french L?gion Etrang?re stop the german asdvance
USS Lafayette after the great french multitask french boy (Diplomat, military, politics, revolutionary, etc...)
USS cameron after the battle between 75 french soldiers against the 3000 mexians cavaleries
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03-15-2013, 12:52 PM
Mala (alien "Vembrian")-USS Sentinel A, the next ship after the sentinel in Invasion. If the enterprise went from Sovereign class to Odyssey class its reasonable to assume others did as well.

USS Avalon (dreadnaught)-Avalon is the kind of car I have

ISS Barghest- This is mirror mala's vessel. A Barghest is a hell hound of sorts, and a pretty easy enemy in Turbine games, but I like saying barghest. And it sounds like a viscious name that the terran empire would like

ZINO (orion)-
IKS Vixen- Seduction is Zino's game everything about her and her things draws you in. Vixen is a term long associated with sexy and dangerous women and therefore its perfect for an orion slave raider vessel.

Jal (baj)- USS Susquehanna- I always loved that river's name it just sounds like a song.

USS Courage-Galaxy class: It was a good fed sounding name that I don't remember in any star trek works but I don't know every one. then again there were multiple ships with the same name like defiant.
WANTED ZINO- Orion princess.
For kidnapping, slave trafficking, illegal trading, lewd behavior, grand theft, rigging games of chance, espionage, trading of illicit goods, disruption of diplomatic procedures, disturbance of peace, flying shuttles while intoxicated, racketeering, Blackmail, arson, assault, and dancing seductively on counter tops without a license.

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A few of my ship names:

U.S.S. Invisible - Named for the Federation Battleship Invisible from Star Ocean: Till the End of Time, which tragically met it's end trying to kill off a bunch of the incredibly annoying main characters. I salute thee!

I.S.S. Von Neumann - Mirror version of the Invisible. Named for mathematician John von Neumann.

U.S.S. Orizaba - Mountain in Mexico and Shepard's mother's dreadnought in Mass Effect.

U.S.S. Monoceros - Constellation and Ramirez' airship in Skies of Arcadia.

I.K.S. Fisherman's Worf - Obscure reference to Futurama. Named by it's Orion captain, who enjoys mocking her Klingon overlords.

I.K.S. Tsu's Revenge - It's captained by one called Tsu. This is her revenge. Obviously.
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03-15-2013, 01:29 PM
My Atrox is the U.S.S. Sanctuary. She is home. Home to me, my crew, and my fighters. It was originally to be a temporary name until I came up with something more clever, but it stuck and I haven't changed it.

My Vesta is the U.S.S. DeBroglie-A, named after a physicist. My original VA ship was the DeBroglie, and when I replaced her it was natural to carry the name forward. My mirror version of my DSSV is the I.S.S. DeBroglie as well, but I've long since decommissioned both of them.

My Dread is the U.S.S. Equalizer, as I envisioned her as a ship that was there to help fill a gap in fed ships with a cruiser that could accompany Defiants on stealth missions, as the KDF can do. I still fly her sometimes and wish I was a tac instead of a sci.

I fly my MVAE as a Hephestus class, so I named her the U.S.S. Pandora. My Ody is the U.S.S. Sojourn, no hidden mysteries there either, and my Defiant is the U.S.S. Incorrigible.

I named my Kumari the I.G.V. Raptor for now, the resemblance is undeniable from afar, and I don't speak Andorian, so my naming options are limited.
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My Starfleet ship is named Reaper.

It's an Mass Effect injoke that nobody has ever commented on.

To explain, the Reapers is a race of sentient Starships and the first one we meet has been named Sovereign.

So, seeing as I use a Sovereign class almost exclusively, I named it Reaper to see if anyone would make the connection.

Nobody has so far!

As for my KDF ship, I named it Krogan.
This is because in my bio, my KDF Captain is heavily linked to the Krogan and he's a member of the clan Urdnot, even though he's not a Krogan himself.
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03-15-2013, 10:53 PM
My Lethean just dinged 40, and is now captain of the Marauder Cruiser I.K.S. Harvester.

As for the name, my hangar is full of Orion Slavers.

I think that speaks for itself.
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03-15-2013, 11:26 PM
My main ship is a fed Jem'Hadar dreadnought named the USS Relentless because well it seemed like a good name for a dreadnought.
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