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The Allied Systems Solidarity is led by Donara Valentine, a former Federation scholar, now self-proclaimed Empress of the Allied Systems Solidarity. The Solidarity is an alliance of former Federation officers who have turned their backs on the Federation and embraced the culture of war that has come from the extended conflicts over the last century.

The Allied Systems Solidarity maintain a neutral standing with both the Federation and several other Alpha Quadrant powers but consider the Klingons to be "simplistic barbarians" that need to be subjugated in order to ensure Galactic Peace.

The Solidarity believes in "Peace by any means", even if that involves conquering the warring races of the Alpha and Beta Quadrant. The Solidarity will not hesitate to attack Federation vessels if they feel that Galactic peace is threatened under the excuse of "pacification".

"Only peace through subjugation and elimination of all rebellious influences can be long lasting" - Empress Donara Valentine.

The Solidarity claimed the uninhabited Veridian III as their new "homeworld" and has also claimed the crashed, abandoned hulk of the Enterprise-D's saucer. The solidarity was quick to enslave the pre-industrial society based on Veridian IV under the guise of "re-education".

[OOC] We are small Federation fleet that does most major events, STF's and Fleet marks. We currently have an alliance with two other fleets and deal with another that gives us access to Tier IV Fleet Equipment and ships despite only have a Tier II Starbase ourselves.[/OOC]

If interested, send a mail or contact either @warbird1988 or @aledwynhughes

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