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03-17-2013, 10:22 AM
Originally Posted by gibbspt View Post
Why do you guys want so bad to the tournament to be noticeble?
Why not just make a tournament !
Who want to enter , enters who doesnt well bad for them... do you need PWE or Cryptic to Allow it? no...
Who is preventing from us players from making matches with the rules we want? no one...
Tell me guys how many matches have you done with your own rules? thousands...
So make a tournament for the interested fleet who agreeds good who doesnt agreed bad for them cya next time...
If cryptic doesnt want you guys to post on this forum well just make one for the tourny, theres so many free forums out there... and for a tourny its enough...

That right their is very interesting point. Why not. So maybe, what if we organize a tournament around say PvP bootcamp, where most everybody in the PvP community is already thinking about PvP. Perhaps maybe the day after, or perhaps in the off saturdays. Whatever it is, just make a repeatable tourney model that could be kicked off every saturday, and whoever shows up gets in for that week. And maybe we could rotate the host fleet, to make things interesting.

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