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03-17-2013, 01:49 PM
Originally Posted by snoggymack22 View Post
I think Geko's running out of ideas, but that the lockbox and c-store model is continually pressuring him to make newer, more enticing ships available. So he's stuck, and has painted himself into a corner since the Excelsior was first released.........
I too think Geko is getting to a point where all future ship will be completely outside the normal ship boundaries. The Kumari is clearly an upgrade to the defiant setup, so I wonder how longutil we see similar "upgrades" to other ships and classes? How odd this all happens when fleets start to get to T5.

Unfortunately, I think these days Cryptic wouldn't be satisfied with simply selling ship skins. At least not at what we would consider a reasonable price, it'd the EV suit all over again!

When he talked about the Regent not selling as well as expected... it really shows how metric-centric Cryptic has become. They aren't even considering what the playerbase might think or want and are focusing purely on past behavior. Its obvious to players why it didn't sell as well. Most players that would want one already had an Ody variant they preferred, or are waiting for their fleet to get to T5 or buying it off a T5 fleet. In fact the only reason to get a Regent now is for the 180 Torp! If that torp was a C-store only unlock you'd better believe almost every player that has a cruiser would get it, provided it wasn't a cash gouge like the 180 missiles in the lobi store are. But I guess that's the thing isn't it?

Perhaps cosmetic "mission pods" and "attack bits" that you could freely add to your ship's model would be a solution, but once again I'd say Cryptic would be unlikely to want to have actual "micro" transactions that weren't key sales.

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