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# 1 Commendation report bug
03-17-2013, 03:47 PM
Hi, I filed a couple of commendation reports before I logged off yesterday and received notification that they had completed.

I make a lot of reports and haven't had any problems until now.

Usually you get 75/100 marks for each but I think because of the ongoing promotion I was awarded 125 for one (I can't remember the other).

However when I went to use my fleet marks none had been award.

I haven't miscounted, I had 0 marks before I did the assignments and 0 marks once I'd accepted the rewards.

I logged out an back in but made no difference.

That's a decent amount of marks to go astray and as I use these assignments a lot (I only have 1 branch not at level 4) I'm hoping it's just an anomaly!


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