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# 1 Another 10k DPS Vesta build
03-17-2013, 03:10 PM
edit: as I have read the forums, they did something to FAW to drain loads of weapon power, so kindly note that these stuff are pre-patch. also pre-patch the experimental beam did not drain power under FAW (but it did with BO), I dunno if they fixed that too
edit2: above should be fixed now

why not just put it to my other 10k dps vesta topic?
just so information is spread, and harder to find, and I can rule a bit longer, lolz. I created this, because the core is quite different, so the two would not have space next to eachother (altho if I think about it, this will still qualify for the most outrageous sci ship title, because I am not doing "science biatch!")

skillplanner link

thx to the new skill planner, it's easier to do these stuff. just go and visit it most of the it is uploaded there.
note that the emitter arrays represent the plasma boosting sci consoles, one is mk x -threat the other is mk xi +threat (I didnt have money to get matching ones yet).
pets are the elite scorpions ofc (they alone provide 2-2,5k dps).

doffs are: 3*purple technicians + 10% dmg to borg + exocomp

the beams are accx2

I am not even going to pretend that this build is finished. next week I am buying some mk xi purple tac consoles, that should give some boost.
the sci consoles need better versions also the skills need some adjusting (that armor reinforcement point will go to threat control, and some from aux power will go there too and I will upgrade to -threat consoles just because I had enough of tanking with my other build, its much funnier to see others blow up, knowing I could have tanked it lol)

edit: Imma bring this up to the OP (if the below host is not working, try this link):
here is an ise with random ppl from publicestf

detailed (so you see its not the borg warpcore expl. dps glitch)

edit: also here is another from publicelitestf with 9,5k from when I equipped the romulan plasmas

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