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# 1 Red Alerts -New Idea
03-17-2013, 04:53 PM
I was trying yo get into a red alert in Tau Dewa when I noticed something.

It started in instance 7, where the RA had already been finished by a team and I came in to an Andorian escort killing a mirror ship that had spawned from a rift.

So, it kicked me back to instance 13, where an RA was also active, so i tried it, brought me back to the same instance as before, there was another ship that spawned in that I recognized from before.

So, my understanding of the RAs is that they can pop into a given instance, thats the only instance that it should exist in (barring randomly generated RAs showing in multiple instance at once).

In this case, the RA followed me through multiple instances and I could not escape it (calling to me, saying "it might work this time")

It hit me, that the issue here may be that when 1 instance pops its generating the button for ALL instances, and since the only one going should be 7 in this case then that is the only instance that could get in proper and had in fact finished the battle already when I got there.

Other instances are getting the button, but since they are (apparently) all feeding into 1 instance of the RA it wont work right.

Maybe I am right, maybe I am crazy, but if this might help I hope someone is thankful somewhere.
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