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Nice job on fixing it. After my character completes the animation, puts his arm down, and the party popper disappears, another set of balloons will suddenly start spawning from his hand. Sometimes that really giant balloon will spawn instead. So much for the "fixed balloons that were not suppose to be that big". Oh and this bug happens I'd say one in every 5 or so uses. So it's pretty frequent. Heck I've even had it happen three or four times in a row using the party popper. Makes filling up the area with balloons a whole lot quicker sometimes.

Another thing I noticed, which wasn't in the patch notes and probably intentional, is that we can't set our character to auto-run (R key by default) and leave a trail of balloons behind us anymore . If we use the party popper while moving, our character comes to a dead stop and can't move again for a couple seconds (As if you were running with the Shift key and stopped. You get that little white bar pop up that takes a couple seconds to go away and prevents you from running again. It even pops up if you press the Shift key while standing still.).
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03-18-2013, 12:38 AM
Still have this problem. My character makes extra balloons after the animation on the Party Popper is complete and sometimes it is a single giant balloon.
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03-18-2013, 12:51 AM
At the present time (11:49 PDT, 3/17/2013) half of the threads on the first page of New Posts are threads by monkeybone13 complaining about one minor issue or another - mostly older posts bumped by the same person.

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