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# 1 Personal Derp-y moment.
03-18-2013, 10:40 AM
Today i had quite the derp moment when i was waiting for the sto launcher to .. launch.

I was with a friend who asked what's with the timer on the left?

I replied its counting down to new content, to build up hype really...

She replied 'It's wrong'

I was torn between agreeing and defending that building up the hype is a nuisance, but only to be shot down by her saying

'no.. its counting down for 2 days, yet says MAY 2013'

Confused i replied 'Yeah that's this Wednesday'

embarassed she replies.. ' but its MARCH'

What am i missing here D:
[Combat (Self)] Your Bite deals 2378 (1475) Physical Damage(Critical) to Spawnmother.

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