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03-18-2013, 11:43 AM
Originally Posted by stirling191 View Post
Ended up running this with a few fleet folks the other night. Overall it's a very solid mission, but there are a few "loose ends" so to speak.

Firstly, it does drag a bit in the final third. Without spoilers I completely understand, and without breaking the mission up into two smaller pieces I don't see how it could be avoided.

Secondly, there are some timeline continuity issues, specifically in terms of the Cardassian withdrawal.

Still, it's a quite enjoyable piece of work, and the above quibbles don't really take away from the experience.
Thanks for the comment! I'm glad you enjoyed the mission for the most part.

I agree that the final third is a little uneven. I'm currently "remastering" the mission to enhance the flow and make it a little more streamlined. This includes enhanced/reworked maps, revised dialog and a few of those loose ends a little more thoroughly set up and/or explained. The end will also be revisited to give players a better opportunity to learn more about the background story and some of the characters (without forcing them to, of course). I'll post the patch notes here, once I'm finished.

I'm considering submitting "Shadows of the Past" to be featured. I'm curious to see if it stands a chance. Of course I'll put a little more work into it before I make that decision.

All the while I have also started to work on the sequel, tentatively called "Terrors of the Past". More Orb saving! More visions! More choices to be made! I'm excited and I hope it will be as well-received as the first mission (currently standing at 228 playthroughs and an average rating of about 4.2).

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