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Regent Assault Cruiser

I am a Tactical Officer. I have found flying what are ostensibly the 'Engineer' classes of ships with a tactical skillset is diverse enough to be a real value in the dps department, if only in bursts, while still tanking.

I run the Breen Mk XI Absolute Zero set.

Fore: 3x Fleet Mk XII phaser arrays, all +2 crit chance. Wide angle quantum torpedoes

Aft: 3x Fleet Mk XII phaser arrays, all +2 crit chance. Mk XI quantum torpedoes

All of my doffs reduce skill recharge time.

All of my consoles are phaser and beam weapon buffs with a quantum buff and a shield recharge buff. All Mk XI of varying colours. I use the borg uni console for resistance.

I used both Riker and Picard maneuvers for a while, but teleport seems kind of useless for a tank and the metreon gas got nerfed to the point of uselessness. Although it was something to behold before that.

Most of my skills are damage buffs. Alpha pattern and tac team being good ones. Fire at will and torpedo spread with siphon and engineering boarding party will kill any ship I've encountered. Along with whatever else is in the vicinity. Exchange the boarding party with an aceton beam and it will demolish a squad of Bird of Prey with a couple of Raptors. Destroy them. In one fly by. THAT is why I play this game.

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Since the server is down I figured I'd make a post. I'm a Joined Trill who has Astrophysics and Warp Core Engineer. I'm also a Science Officer so I have Sensor Scan and Subnuke etc.

Ferengi D'Kora class Marauder Cruiser


Fore: Ferengi Rapid Fire Missiles / Polarized Disruptor Beam Array Mk12 / Polarized Dual Disruptor Cannons Mk12x2
Aft: Polarized Disruptor Turret Mk11x2 / Polarized Disruptor Turret MK12 / Borg Cutting Beam

Bridge Officers

Tactical Lt Cmdr: Beam Target Shield 1, Attack Pattern Beta, Beam Target Shield 3
Tactical Ensign: Tactical Team 1

Science Lt: Hazard Emitters 1, Tractor Beam Repulsors 1 or Tractor Beam 2

Engineer Cmdr: Emergency Power to Shields 1, Reverse Shield Polarity 1, Emergency Power to Shields 3, Auxiliary Power to Structural Integrity Field 3
Engineer Lt: Emergency Power to Weapons 1, Reverse Shield Polarity 1


Borg Mk11

Engineering Consoles: D'Kora Battle Console, Assimilated Universal Module, Isometric Charge Console, Neutronium Alloy Mk12

Science Consoles: Field Generator Mk12 +17.5%x3

Tactical Consoles: Disruptor Damage Booster Mk 11x3


Subspace Modulator / Deployable Turret / Aux Battery / Weapons Battery

Duty Officers

Rare Conn Officer with - 6 to Tactical Team Recharge Timex3 / Rare Warp Core Engineer / Rare Energy Weapons Tactical Officer with - to Beam Target System recharge time

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PVE only build here.
Human with Accurate and Leadership.

Advanced Heavy Cruiser Retrofit (Excelsior)

Fore Weapons: MkXI Phaser Dual Beam Bank (Acc, Dmg x2); MkXI Phaser Beam Bank (Acc, Dmg x2)x2, MkXI Quantum Torpedo Launcher (Acc,Dmg x2).

Rear Weapons: MkXI Phase Beam Bank (Acc,Dmg x2)x3; Borg Cutting Beam.

MkXI Assimilated Borg gear, Deflector Shield and Engines.

Devices: Weapon, Shield, Engine, Auxilary batteries. (I tend to not use them.)

Eng Consoles: MkXI blue EPS Flow Console, Zero Point Energy Console, MkXI blue Neutronium Armor x2.
Sci Consoles: MkXI blue Emitter Array, Assimilated Module.
Tac Consoles: MkX blue Phaser Relay x3.

Boff layout:

Lt. Cmdr Tac: Tac Team I, Hi Yield Torp II, Beam Fire at Will III.
Cmdr Eng: EmPower to Weapons I, EmPower to Shields II, Reverse Shield Polarity II, Aux to SIF III.
Lt. Eng: Eng Team I, EmPower to Shields II.
Ens. Eng: EmPower to Engines I
Lt. Sci: Polarize Hull I, Hazard Emitters II.

Rare (blue) Projectile Weapons Officer, (Reduce Torp cooldown)
Uncommon (green) Warp Core Engineer, (Additional Power on use of "EmPower to" abilities.)
Rare (blue) Damage Control Engineer, (Reduce cooldown of "EmPower to" abilities.)
Very Rare (purple) Astrometrics Scientist. (Reduce cooldown of Transwarp.)

Power Levels:
Weapons: 100/127~
Shields: 50/78
Engines: 25/54
Auxiliary: 25/55

Plans for improvement:
Procure Fleet version.
Switch Quantum with Romulan Torp launcher and try out switching Tac Boff abilities, High Yield II to Beam Fire at Will II and Beam Fire at Will III with Attack Pattern Beta II.
Switch to Romulan Plasma Beams when available, along with suitable MkXI (blue) equivalent Tac consoles (Plasma to sync with Romulan Energy Harness.) Same setup (with room for the Experimental one.)
Procure Very Rare Warp Core Engineer, Damage Control Engineer Doffs.
Get the right type of Shield Sci consoles. (FIELD emitter, not Emitter Array doofus.)
Additional items as they occur to me.


Currently I am happy with the above build, being able to place 2nd/3rd in most PuG Stf's where that matters.
I know when to use Beam Fire at Will so that it only hits what I want and I keep targets in my broadside arcs with no problems. I don't like Aux2Batt builds for the same reason I don't like being in an escort: I like doing more than looking at my ability tray. I could get away with only 1 EmPower to Shields II with normal STF's but during Elites I find I have to cycle that ability more.
I also mainly use Tac Team as a 'Clear Tac Debuff' ability than damage buff/shield facing buff. Mainly because when I DO use it for the Shield Facing, I get hit with an Assimilate Ship and have to wait it out and suffer it rather than mostly ignoring it.
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Originally Posted by yargomesh View Post
Eng Consoles: MkXI blue EPS Flow Console, Zero Point Energy Console, MkXI blue Neutronium Armor x2.
How often do you change your subsystem power settings in the middle of combat?
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Originally Posted by snoggymack22 View Post
How often do you change your subsystem power settings in the middle of combat?
Even though snoggy has a point (EPS Flow consoles aren't effective enough to warrant a console slot), I do have to say that changing power settings in combat has boosted by effectiveness in PVP and/or PVE by about 25-50%.

I'm running Aux2Bat on my cruiser. When I am supporting the team, I have power levels set to the Balanced tab (although its not balanced, power base levels are 50/55/25/70 (off of memory)). When using Aux2Bat, I experience a small cycle where my shield and weapons power levels are high, then a cycle where the power "sloshes" back into Auxiliary. However, when the enemy team starts gunning for me, I switch the power levels to Shields (all power into shields, the rest into Auxiliary), abandon the Aux2Bat, and start using all of my heals, including the ones that run off of the now-free Auxiliary power. It's made a dramatic difference in heals and survivability.

Note that my build is nowhere close to perfect, and someone who is superb at ship micromanagement may be able to really excel from changing power settings to reflect different states in a battle.

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Originally Posted by addsin15 View Post
Ferengi D'Kora class Marauder Cruiser


Fore: Ferengi Rapid Fire Missiles / Polarized Disruptor Beam Array Mk12 / Polarized Dual Disruptor Cannons Mk12x2
Aft: Polarized Disruptor Turret Mk11x2 / Polarized Disruptor Turret MK12 / Borg Cutting Beam

For PvE swap to DHCs & turrets.

For PvP swap to Single Cannons & Turrets.

Both are better choices than Beam Arrays at this point in the game environment.

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Originally Posted by snoggymack22 View Post
How often do you change your subsystem power settings in the middle of combat?
Not often enough to warrant using it. I was testing to see if it affected the 'all power to engines' effect of Full Impulse. From my observations it doesn't, so I've switched it over to a Field Emitter (+Shield power) rare console.

It might not be worth using in the slot but it's better than an empty slot! (Came back to the game not too long ago and I boggled at some of my console layout.)
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My Engineer character's Fleet Support Cruiser PvE build:


Experimental Plasma Beam Array
Fleet Advanced Plasma Beam Array x2 [ACC] [DMGx3]
Hyper-Plasma Torpedo Launcher

Fleet Advanced Plasma Beam Array x2 [ACC] [DMGx3]
Borg Cutting Beam
Wide Angle Quantum Torpedo Launcher

Adapted MACO Mk XII Set


Very Rare Neutronium Alloy Mk XI
Assimilated Console
Zero Point Energy Conduit
Tachyo-Kinetic Converter

3 x Romulan Emitter Array Mk XII [-Threat] [Plasma Damage]

3 x Very Rare Plasma Infuser Mk XII

Subspace Field Modulator
Jevonite Hardpoints
Deuterium Surplus
Weapons Battery

Bridge Officers

EPTW 1, EPTS 2, ET 3, ATS 3

PH 1, HE 2, TSS 3

(Both Sci and Eng are human with Leadership trait.)

TT 1
BO 1, THY 2

(All three Tac are Romulan with Romulan Operative Trait)

Total crit chance: 13.9%

- Warp Core Engineer [Chance to boost all power levels with emergency power to subsystem]
- Energy Weapons Officer [Chance to reduce beam special attack cooldown]
- Projectile Weapons Officer [Chance to reduce torpedo cooldown]
- Conn Officer [Reduces tactical team cooldown]
- Anti-Borg/Anti-Tholian Space Warfare Specialist
- Or, Damage Control Engineer [Chance to reduce Emergency power to subsystem cooldown]

Energy Levels
Weapons: 100/125
Shields: 25/52
Engines: 25/52
Aux: 50/83

Reputation Bonuses
- Precision [Increases Critical Hit Chance by 3% in space combat].
- Sensor Targeting Assault [5% Chance to Placate for 6 seconds on a critical hit].
- Omega Weapon Training [+30 to starship weapon training].
- Omega Graviton Amplifier [2.5% chance for each weapon to deal kinetic damage that ignores shields]

I consider this superior to the Fleet Advanced Heavy Cruiser due to the much increased crit chance that comes with the three Romulan tactical boffs as opposed to the single tactical boff for the Fleet Excelsior. The tradeoff is a loss of roughly 40 damage per plasma beam per hit. Critical chance means 1 in 7 hits will crit. Damage often reaches the 1400 range per beam weapon with APB active, not counting the frequent criticals which usually hit for at least 2200. Mask Energy field from Adapted MACO set keeps hyper-plasma torpedoes from being shot down and provides defense and stealth bonus for other players in teams. All the aux-fueled heals makes my tank unbreakable by npcs up to the red alert unimatrix ships. Also lets me work as a good healboat for teammates.
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So yes... you could get everything here for free.
Just like you can get a free steak dinner by collecting dropped pennies in the parking lot.

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Engineer VA

Ship: Advanced Heavy Cruiser Retrofit

Fore Weapons: 2X Phased tetryon BA Mk XII [ACC]X2 , 1X Tetryon BA Mk XII [ACC][crthX2], 1X MkXI very rare Quantum torpedo [acc][crtdx2]

Aft Weapons: 2X Tetryon BA Mk XII [ACC][crthX2], 1X Phased tetryon BA Mk XII [ACC]X2, 1X MkXI rare Quantum torpedo [acc][crtd]

Shield, Deflector, Engine: Aegis

Eng Consoles: Assimilated Module, Tachyokinetic Converter, Neutronium, Resonance Cascade module.

Science consoles: 2x MkXI rare Field Generator

Tactical consoles: 3x mkXII rare Tetryon Pulse Generator

Devices: Subspace Field Modulator, Shield battery, engine battery, aux battery

Lt Com Tac: TT1, BFAW 2, torp spread 3
Com Eng: EPtW1, RSP1, EptS3, Aux2SIF3
Lt Eng: EPtW1, EPtS2
Ens Eng: ET1
Lt Sci: HE1, TSS2

2x Very Rare TT cooldown conn officers
3x Rare Damage control Engineers (reduce emergency power to subsystem cooldown....handy for when i screw up my timing :/)

NPC ships....just...melt. I do plan on replacing the tetryon items with disruptor, or antiproton as i can afford it, but I have been overall very pleased with what this build can do.
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Just wanted to see if I could revive this thread by posting my current and only build.

Ship: U.S.S. JIM RAYNOR (Fleet Assault Cruiser Refit)

Engineering Captain
Hull: 62,066
Shields: 11,690
Base Accuracy: 25%
Base CritH: 5.2%
Base CritD: 59.2%

Fore Weapons:
  • Adv. Fleet Disruptor Beam Array [DMG]x3 [CritD]
  • Nanite Disruptor Beam Array MKXII [ACC] [CritD]x2
  • Adv. Fleet Disruptor Beam Array [DMG]x3 [CritD]
  • The Romulan Hyper-Plasma Torpedo

Aft Weapons:
  • Nanite Disruptor Beam Array MKXII [ACC] [CritD]x2
  • Adv. Fleet Disruptor Beam Array [ACC]x2 [DMG]x2
  • Kinetic Cutting Beam
  • Experimental Romulan Beam Array

Shields: Elite Fleet Covariant Shield [ResA][Adapt]
Deflector: Purple Positron MKXII [ShdS] [Em] [Ins]
Engine: The Nukara Set Engine
Warp Core: Field Stabilizing MKXI Blue [EFF] [W->S]

  • Weapon Battery
  • Engine Battery - Large
  • Shield Battery
  • Subspace Field Mod
Inventory Device: Nimbus Distress Call

(Work In-Progress):
  • ENGR - Fleet Neutronium Alloy [TURN], Fleet Neutronium Alloy [TURN], Assimilated Mod, Zero-point Energy Conduit
  • SCI - Elite Embassy Plasma Infuser Shield Emitter [-Th], The Nukara Universal Console
  • TACT - 4x Disruptor Induction Coils MKXI Purples (~+28% each)

  • Lt. Cmdr Tactical: FAW1, BO2, APB2
  • Ens. Tactical: TT1
  • Cmdr Engineering: EPTE1, EPTS2, EPTW3, Aux2SIF3
  • Lt. Engineering: ET1, DEM1
  • Lt. Universal: TSS1, HE2

(Work In-Progress)
  • 2x Purple Conn Officers (TT CD +20 to Attack Patterns)
  • 2x DCE
  • WCE

Offensive Subsystems (with bonuses): (127)/100/35/72
Subsystems (setting): 95/45/15/45

Rom Rep Bonus: +30 to Shields Systems, 20% to regain +1,800 shields when critically hit.
Nukara Rep Bonus: 5% Hull, 20% of Aux to Shield Perf, Shield Integrity, Hull Plating
Omega Rep Bonus: +30 Weapon Training, 288 Shield Reg/6 seconds

Rom Set Bonus: +7.6% Plasma Dmg, +15 EPS, Rom Beam BO

  • I am quite proud of my build which works best in PVE (Elite) and I can hold my own in PvP.
  • There are parts of my build that are "in-progress" meaning I'm just waiting for Elite or saving up for the purple versions.
  • I highly recommend the Romulan Set Torpedo; I used to use all beams but this torpedo is ridiculously fun since it shoots 3, I say THREE plasma torpedoes in one volley every 6-8 secs!

Comments and Feedback Appreciated!

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