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03-18-2013, 07:33 PM
min options/ half res

id play if it was all text

graphics fail ftl lolz

u cry lag spike i vape whole balls. 10 v 10 specialist 10 year old pc. just turn it off, turn it all off, go to advanced options/ troubleshooting, minimize everything and go to half res.

oh and give ur targeting hud options a lookover, without any reticles or names/fleets u have way less lag and graphics wierding

using those options works great for meta game, showing recently damaged people different than "fresh" targets

i always found stos plethora of options to be adequate upon tweeking.

use free cam for minimal graphics lag from follow effects

then you can always go to the extra step, minimizing possible options in your actual video card windows settings.


dont forget the-maxfps rider to add in command line options on launcher, among others suitable for your particular needs..........
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03-19-2013, 02:20 AM
I actually like it, I have a huge monitor and a very good graphics card. I can see everything clearly and can select targets though all the spam. You are easily able to see what abilities are being run by the whats happening visual, take that away and it back to staring at buff trays.

SO either upgrade your PC and stop the QQ'ing.

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