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Its so very OP. I hear alot of my friends say this or that how the bug ship is the best ship in the game.

Theta radiation is the best CC in the game. Gravitation is also great CC in the game. AMS...not really...but there are alot of consoles that the PVP community shy's away. But not the bug. Its BROKEN..come on!!!!! Its got way to much should be a glass cannon like the Andorian ship.

BUG ship is Op. Its in the game so use it. But don't say I cant use this or that. The bug ship is the most dominate variable in pvp right now. And now a lot more people have it.

I can kill a bug ship. Don't worry, thats now what I am saying that it cant be countered. I am just saying I will be using everything in the game to do it. Its only fair.

I have a bug. Its OP and boring. I feel its the most boring ship on the face of STO. MY opinion. ONLY.....

Signing off


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