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03-15-2013, 07:54 AM
Unfortunately there is very limited room, if not no room, for engs in pvp.

So for your all round build i would go with an escorts. Armitage, JHEC, bug, doesn't really matter. It ll make PvE a breeze. Don't expect to do a tac's job in an eng/scort in PvP, and you can have some fun.
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Originally Posted by ursusmorologus View Post
My fed is an Engineer. He has the RA Patrol Escort with DHC/DBB loadout, and the RA Ambassador Support Cruiser with beams/torps. Both are pretty much "finished" in terms of setup and items (just some grinding left now), and now I'm looking for the definitive ship to move him into. I'd say the Carrier Escort calls out to me the most, but I dont know enough about the lineup. I would like something that is competitve for all around gameplay, some PVE and some PVP, but I'm not looking to spend any RL money and prefer to avoid fleet commitment but might be willing
HEC is an excellent choice for a tough offensive ship as an engineer. If you're unwilling to drop coin on one (which is entirely understandable) your best stand in would be a Patrol Escort (preferably a fleet one if you can scrounge up the EC for the FMs and the shipyard time).

You won't have the alpha strike capability of a Tac in an escort, but since you have a built in super TSS in RSF, you'll complement the PE's boff slotting very nicely. My Engineering toon is fully capable of easily main tanking ESTFs in her Patrol Escort.

Originally Posted by kimmym View Post
Always funny how carriers are OP with a turn of 5, but cruisers are supposedly garbage if the end up with a turn under 8... lol...
That has everything to do with the fact that a huge chunk of a Carrier's damage is entirely independent of the Carrier itself.
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Yes, a large amount of my damage is from my pets, but you would be surprised how much my torps put out on their own.

And I've flown other turn 6 cruisers as well (That like front face, Gal-X and Bortasqu). Maybe it's just the fact that I'm used to turn 5 but turn 6 feels fluid in comparison. Turn 7 is downright graceful.

Single cannons also have a front 180 arc... That isn't hard to get an maintain against anything that isn't going to just zip around a turn 8 just as easily. As somebody who runs a torp boat Atrox, I'm used to aiming for front 90 in a turn 5...
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What about... Multi-Mission Surveillance Explorer? The two uni BOFF slots mean I can get 2x TT1 and EPtS1 each NP. It also has carrier pets, and the Fermion Field console would work with my Eng skills very nicely. Hull is a bit weak, and the limited weapon slots are a concern but there are a lot of sci console slots, so I could get some punch back that way (such as the Point Defense Console or the Ferengi Missile Console, etc). The Aux weapons would be useless.

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03-19-2013, 02:12 PM
If you wanted an Engineering slant, I'd recommend the other MMSE, the Multi-Mission Strategic Explorer. It has enough Eng consoles to keep any engineer happy.

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Originally Posted by stardestroyer001 View Post
If you wanted an Engineering slant, I'd recommend the other MMSE, the Multi-Mission Strategic Explorer. It has enough Eng consoles to keep any engineer happy.
The consoles on that and the other are very sci dependant, this is the only one where the console works with my eng skills

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