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Skill: Particle Generators (including consoles) - EWP
Console: Plasma Infuser - EWP, Directed Energy Weapons, Directed Energy DoTs, Projectile DoTs
Console: Ambiplasma - Projectile Kinetic, Projectile DoTs
Console: Romulan Threat-Scaling [Pla] - Directed Energy Weapons, Directed Energy DoTs
Set: 2 pc Romulan Harness - Directed Energy Weapons, Directed Energy DoTs

I don't have access to the Rom consoles, but I've tested the rest (as have others - it's common info). The Rom consoles, well, folks have gone multiple ways with what they do. For what I've listed above, I'm going with what STOwiki has for them currently.

So what it looks like then, is the following:

Want to boost EWP?
Particle Generators (skill & consoles)
Plasma Infusers

Want to boost Projectile DoTs?
Plasma Infusers (but you lose the +Kinetic)

Want to boost Directed Energy Damage or Directed Energy DoTs?
Plasma Infusers
Romulan Threat-Scaling Science [Pla] Consoles
2pc Romulan Harness

And well, it just seems off.

I get (don't like, but get) fudging Particle Generators the way it is. It would be akin to adding a bunch of Tac consoles and make Plasma the most powerful.

However, Plasma Infusers throw things off in regard to looking at the rest. Why does a Plasma Infuser affect everything, but other items do not?

The Rom [Pla] consoles and the Rom 2pc Harness bonus - are like a DEW version of the Ambiplasmas. They just affect DEW & DEW DoTs - like the Ambiplasma affects Proj Kin and Proj DoTs.

So I guess what I'm saying/asking here is the following:

Shouldn't it either be a case of...

PrtG - EWP
Infusers - DEW, DEW DoTs
Ambis - Proj Kin, Proj DoTs
Rom [Pla] - DEW, DEW DoTs
2pc Harness - DEW, DEW DoTs

...or a case of...

PrtG - EWP
Infusers - EWP, DEW, DEW DoTs, Proj DoTs
Ambis - Proj Kin, Proj DoTs
Rom [Pla] - EWP, DEW, DEW DoTs, Proj DoTs
2pc Harness - EWP, DEW, DEW DoTs, Proj DoTs

It just seems off that Rom [Pla] and the 2pc Harness work like Ambiplasma versions of the Infusers. Either the Infuser is off or the Rom [Pla]/2pc Harness are off, eh?

Meh, this will either tick off the people that like that the Infusers boost EWP and Proj DoTs (as well as the DEW/DEW DoTs) or it will tick off the people that do not think Proj DoTs need to be boosted further.

Heck, maybe just better tooltips on things - how many folks out there have picked up the 2pc Harness or Rom [Pla] consoles to boost something they're just not going to boost, eh? Boosting Plasma Damage isn't always boosting plasma damage...
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