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03-19-2013, 09:03 AM
Hi Captains,

We discovered an issue with the STO Launcher yesterday that may have caused a small percentage of users to lose their STO Games Explorer shortcuts.

If your STO Games Explorer shortcut is missing, you can get it back by navigating to the folder that STO has been installed in, and creating a new shortcut. This can be done via the steps listed here:

The game shouldn't be uninstalled, though, just the icon missing.


Brandon =/\=
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03-19-2013, 07:44 PM
Originally Posted by aeys View Post
Ok, this is bewildering, I have NO idea what happened, so I was going to go to my time ship bridge and invite my friends onto it, and the game started loading SUPER slow, like 1 percent a minute, so I alt tabbed and made sure nothing was running, alt tabbed back and it continued to load slow, i figured maybe it was a lousy connection and just closing down the program would work. So I closed it down and saw that the star trek icon (one of 5 was no longer on the desktop. I looked under games and the star trek emblem was there but under a completely new category. "Unspecified" nothing happened when i clicked on the icon and i did a complete computer search and there is NO star trek files in the computer. WHAT on earth happened? I am now re-downloading the entire program but I dont know what happened.
I had a similar problem. During the emergency maintenance I tried to log in, totally forgot to check if the server was up until after. Anyway, it denied me access and I closed it. Then decided to go to the homepage via links on launcher to see when it would be up again. So I went to click on the shortcut, and *poof* Shortcut is gone (and everything else star trek except for a few stray files). Everything I've tried to get it back has failed (well, except going through via another link but its been patching for the last 4 hours). So yeah, I have no idea what to do, I really want to be playing in about 1 day ten hours if you know what I mean. (I would also point out that the whole, re-install thing isn't working for me)

So people, riddle me a way to get around this problem.
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03-20-2013, 05:34 AM
Originally Posted by grouchyotaku View Post
Closing a program while its downloading data is just asking for file system corruption...
thats not true, closing a program gracefully woulnt ever couse filesystem corruption, exept for very rare cases where bug is preventing it from closing file handlers and such, and even then it can couse corupted data in files, but not filesystem coruption.

file system is handled from your operating system, exept in old 16 bit OS there is hardly any software to make direct writes/reads from hdd, everything is done tru OS, which ensures closing a process wont corrupt FS.

as for other guy sugesting bad sectors, its much much more likely malware, unproper shutdown of OS to couse file system coruption then bad sectors, or at least much more often. in my work 1 of 1000 cases of this would be becouse of bad sectors.

as for slowdowns some said they expirience .. its likly some programs or processes ( that you dont even know that exist) to load your system, even antivirus software is cousing sagnificient slowdown in performance may be over 10-15%
every time file is opened for reading or writing they check it for malware. specialy when you play a games, they open and close files all the time.

disabling antivirus software can help increase your performance.
defragmenting your hdd too, over time files on hdd become fragmented ( ie there is peaces of same file spread all over hdd ) which makes hdd heads to move to those location to read data which slow down the process.

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