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Perhaps if each starship class had its own set of unique 'native' abilities it would help bring them into balance.

Science ships currently have native subsystem attacks and sensor analysis. These abilities help them in their role of debuffer/crowd control ship.

How about doing the same for other ship types? How about modifying science ship a little bit in the process?

Cruisers (includes flight deck cruisers and battlecruisers):

4 native abilities: Tractor Beam 1, Hazard 1, Extend Shields 1, Tactical Team 1

Passive ability: Has separate duty officer active space slots exclusively reserved for engineering doffs. This ship will have the standard 5 active space duty officers plus 4 extra engineering-only duty officers.

Science Ships (does not include carriers)

4 native abilities: Subsystem targeting as it is now with one of two changes:
#1- make the native subsystem attacks have full training equivalent timers. Currently they are too long.
#2- retain current long timers on subsystem attacks but remove the shared timer between them. That is, the sci ship can fire subs-shld and then subsys-eng with no delay.

Passive ability: Sensor Analysis : Slight change to sensor analysis: It does not instantly vanish if player changes target. Instead it 'degrades' at the same rate it builds up. This is needed because a sci ship switching target to a friendly ship to heal it will lose SA debuff on its original target. 2 additional doff slots exclusive to science.

These minor changes enable the sci ship to better perform its debuffer role.

Escorts (does not include bird of prey raiders, includes raptors)

4 native abilities: Emg to Engines 1, Aux to Dampeners 1, Transfer shield strength 1, mask energy signature 1.

Passive Ability: bonus to inertial dampener skill (reduce effect of holds on the ship),2 additional doff slots exclusive to tactical.

These abilities and passive enable the escort ships to play on their primary hull class strength: mobility with some minor self-healing and utility skills. resistance bonus to holds enable the escort to prevent being completely immobilized by tractor beams or other hold abilities.

Carriers (excludes VoQuv class)

4 Native abilities: Subsystem targeting with same changes as science ship

Passive ability: Similar extra doff slots like cruisers except these will be for operations doffs (enables use of flight deck officers on top of the normal 5-doff assignments)

Benefits are self explanatory.

Dreadnaughts (includes VoQuv carrier and Galaxy Dreadnaught)

4 Native abilities: Same as cruisers

Passive Ability: Additional 4 active space doff slots. No restriction on doff type.

Benefits are self explanatory. VoQuv is included in this category due to its dreadnaught design.

Raiders (Bird of Prey)

4 Native Abilities: Emg to Engines 1, Polarize Hull 1, Aux to Dampeners 1, Hazard 1

Passive ability: 2 additional doff slots, no restriction on type and new ability that is similar to sensory analysis in its 'build up' sense: Threat Modification : Ship emits a 10km aoe threat reduction proc that builds up over time. Based on AUX power. This enables the bird of prey to not become the target of enemies the very instant they decloak dependent on how long the bird of prey has been building up the -threat. Usually should take about 1 minute to clean all threat to itself.

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