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03-21-2013, 08:37 AM
I play Fed. Why? Because I only use one toon. If I had had the choice at the start to choose a Klingon or Romulan, I may well have decided to make my character be of one of those factions - I'll admit that it would most likely have been Romulan, but the point is the same, I would have probably NOT chosen Fed and I firmly believe that this is why less players play KDF. This expansion sounds like very good news to me and while I understand the concerns of the original post, I think a major expansion like this is always going to be a very good way to 're-launch' a game that many of its players feel is Beta anyway. Think of this as the actual official launch of the game. Let's face it, it's how it should have been 3 years ago. Trek game without Romulan playable faction and only half playable KDF? That's the problem that they're going to fix in this expansion. If no-one plays KDF after that, I don't think it's Cryptic or the Romulan faction's fault, but would simply be that KDF is in fact not so popular. I hope that doesn't end up being the case though.

The unfinished state of KDF is acomplaint that I have seen over and over again by KDF players on the forums. It being finished is being accompanied by a third faction, that's all. If you wanted an exclusive shiny 'We finished KDF, there, look, there it is' patch, well, sorry, they went and made more of the player base happy along with it. This expansion looks really good.
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03-21-2013, 08:40 AM
If I hear one moer person saying that "oh the KDF getting content" and then refering to tutorial and to 1-20 level, I am going to tear my eyeballs out.

I am refering to more than the n 5 days it takes to get to level 50. I am refering to an identity other than "lets share the fed stf". I am refering to things happening outside the fed storylines.

cause the moire fed content klingons get to have, then more it will be like KDF is nothing more than a CC of federation without all the gandure and costumes and added trills etc whatsever the feds have.

take for example amount of races klingon have vs fed, ship? lets not just carboncopy ships already in existence and just make them larger. lets have some development in the shipyards of the KDF.

or did the ship developers go to sleep and never woke up?

More Klingon identity and more storylines and more special ships for KDF. thats whats required. until thats shown nothing else matters. not level 1-20 cause its passed in less than a day. not tutorital, thats for new players, not clusters in neverending streams.

more conent for level 50.
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03-21-2013, 08:41 AM
None of theses changes are even in effect yet and already a doom thread. OP, get some perspective man.

Let's wait on whining until after you are hurt. This isn't futbol where a guy falls on the ground holding his leg crying out an Oscar performance quality act before the guy with the ball even kicks him. We've been told we are getting 1-25 content. We've asked for that. We will have it. Be happy.

Anyone starting a Romulan faction is going to be grinding with fewer player from now till hell freezes to get a star base and embassy complete. But good on them. They have the faction they want. Cool. Be happy for them.
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03-21-2013, 08:41 AM

Its going to be an upheaval for both existing factions imho. As the existing minority faction, any losses will be hard felt when players abandon their current characters to experience the new content. We will clearly lose a higher percentage of the overall population than blueside.


After 2 months, that will wear thin, and the three factions will begin to settle in. I am confident this plus the second reboot film will improve overall game population, and I am equally certain both existing factions will have an attrition as people who always wanted to play Rom will re-roll.

Would I have preferred this be a 2-step roll out? A staged release allowing the Empire to grow strength before this inevitable exodus to the Republic, with full KDF in time for the last holiday season, followed by Romulans in time for the film? Of course I would. And frankly that would have been a MUCH safer route for Cryptic to undertake.

The key from this point forward will be if Cryptic ceases chasing where the money *is* and starts focusing on where the money *isnt* - building up the weak portions of the offering to bring the game into balance is a long-view strategy we haven't seen from Cryptic yet. Hopefully the influx of PWE investment and the hinted at active population boom** will stop them from being purely reactive, and allow them to focus more of their efforts on the weak areas, instead of Min-Maxing content.

Humans vrs Elves vrs Orcs... and were it not for the pre-existing IP, my money would be on Elves taking first place, Orcs last (and I'd still be an Orc, as always). I personally suspect the final populations will be 5:3:2, with our population being smaller, but remaining the same overall percentage. Provided Cryptic backs this up by changing their development focus to strengthen weak content, it will be a race to become the second-biggest faction. And no, it won't be easy.

Good luck out there, Generals.

** (a population boom likely caused by the success of the F2P hybrid model, one that every single interview in the last 3 months consistently skirts around mentioning - Rivera and Stahl are both having a hard time not revealing the real active population numbers and both clearly excited about it - and so am I, frankly)
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03-21-2013, 08:44 AM
Originally Posted by dunnlang View Post
The KDF also received a ton of new ships while the Federation received very few.
You serious?
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03-21-2013, 08:47 AM
Methinks OP is jumping to conclusions a little prematurely.

Which isn't to say he's wrong, necessarily, but we certainly don't have enough information to judge one way or another.

Let's all take a deep breath and wait patiently for official word on what, exactly, the KDF will be getting before we freak out.
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03-21-2013, 08:55 AM
Originally Posted by spearhawk2013 View Post
I am refering to an identity other than "lets share the fed stf". I am refering to things happening outside the fed storylines.
You mean like the whole Return of the Fk'Ihri and Federation War story arcs?

I don't recall getting to play through those on my Fed characters...
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Originally Posted by thecosmic1 View Post
Anyone calling Valoreah a "Cryptic fanboy" must be new to the forum.
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03-21-2013, 08:57 AM
The Rage and Tears have begun. I'm running the popcorn popper full time. The whiners all remind me of this guy - Rager - who I never get tired of watching. Please don't abuse the remote.
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03-21-2013, 09:03 AM
Originally Posted by adarandrel View Post
pretty sure it says all 3 factions with story content 1-50 on the new site. So I say thats a big WIN for KDF
Agreed! This is what I have been asking for since STO was released and this has been the #1 argument as to why the KDF cannot grow.

Bye bye negative trolls!
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03-21-2013, 09:06 AM
Hey OP...

Get Over It Dude.

You are NEVER going to get the level of consideration that the Fed's get...
(and neither is the Romulan Faction)

It's just not going to happen and it's mainly due to Monetary Considerations.
(Not because anybody at Cryptic hates Klingons &/or Romulans)

If the Klingon (or Romulan) player-base were able to spend money on an equal footing as the Federation player-base, it might have been possible...

But they don't.

This is not to say that the KDF or the Rom's will never again get things added to the game for them...

It's just a factual realization that Cryptic is always going to put more emphasis on the player-base that is the largest and spends the most...

I'm sorry, but that ain't the KDF.

Enjoy what ya got and make the best of it, cause pizzin' and moanin' is just going to make YOU miserable.

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