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# 1 Zen Store Issues
03-21-2013, 07:10 PM
I've submitted two support tickets on this, neither of which has gotten any response. When I open the Zen Store or view my account here on the website, it currently shows 0 Zen which is incorrect. In addition, when I try to claim any of the Zen items I've purchased over the last 3 years (Say the DS9 bundle or the Collectors/Deluxe Edition items), it tells me "Unable to complete transaction: You do not have enough Zen". Lastly my Zen history here on the website is completely empty which is sadly, horribly incorrect. Can anybody assist me please?

Edit: Just for giggles, I logged into Tribble with the same account. Zen works fine there.
Edit 2: I just purchased 500 more Zen. Purchase went through, shows my balance as 500 Zen. Still can't claim any previously purchased items nor can I purchase anything with that 500 Zen.

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