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# 1 Anyone ever play BSG?
03-21-2013, 11:06 PM
I was in the open Beta.

The Game was Horrible, The grinding was horrible, and I was bored with it after only a week. Bored of having my Asteroid stolen by higher-ups. Tired of random bots spawning to kill me just as I'd finally caught a resource break. It was a horrible mess of grind grind grind.


If there was one thing I DID like from the game, It was the way their PVP was set up.

For those who have never played it: Basically the WHOLE system was a PVP area. At any time an armada of player fleets could form together and invade the other sides space to take control of that sector.

In order to do so, You'd of had to destroy the defending sides flagship. Once that was done, the system was yours as long as you could hold it.

Granted, STO is ALOT bigger than BSG, But I feel that The same PVP style could be adapted into sto.

Maybe A new sector block, Where Feds/Klingons can duke it out for control over the systems. Or something of that nature.

To me that would feel like an Actual space war. And it would open up a tremendous amount of opportunities for Fleets as well. Partnerships, Allegiances, Building.

Thats just the type of PvP style I'd like to see intrigated. Anyone else think it could work?
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# 2
03-21-2013, 11:17 PM
What is BSG? o.O
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# 3
03-21-2013, 11:27 PM
BSGO = Battlestar Galactica Online.

I've played it, loved it in its limitation, and bored of it. But yes, STO could use that PVP system.
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# 4
03-21-2013, 11:46 PM
The problem with BSGO's PVP system was that the Colonials outnumbered the Cylons 3:1. I played redside, and it was a constant scramble to try to hold even 40% of the map.

STO would have the same problem. Blueside players vastly outnumber redside. "Open world" PVP would be a one-sided slaughter.
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# 5
03-22-2013, 12:46 AM
Originally Posted by janusforbeare View Post
The problem with BSGO's PVP system was that the Colonials outnumbered the Cylons 3:1. I played redside, and it was a constant scramble to try to hold even 40% of the map.

STO would have the same problem. Blueside players vastly outnumber redside. "Open world" PVP would be a one-sided slaughter.
They could maybe fix that problem by putting a limiter on how many vessels are aloud to operate in that sector. like maybe 120 ship limit per side.
Each player inside the PVP sector could be aloud 3 lives within it before he was effectivly written off as "K.I.A" And removed from the sector to allow another player access.

If you want to get in but it's full, Then you'd Que up and be added to the list. Once a player losses all his lives, or leaves the sector, the next person on the list will have a minutes notice to warp into sector before the opportunity is passed to another.

And if they wanted to work this into a canon/w.e way, They could have some story about how star fleet/klingons can only spare so many ships in the sector. (because lets be honest they wouldn't send ALL their fleet to just one sector when I space war is on) And every time a ship is destroyed (loses three lives), reinforcements are brought in. (new player).

This is just me brainstorming idea. But I think it could work.
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03-22-2013, 01:06 AM
I hope maybe the Delta Quadrant will be a proxy battleground where the major powers of the Alpha and Beta quadrant jostle for supremacy while trying to gain new allies, subvert the locals or flat out conquer new ground.
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03-22-2013, 01:09 AM
I agree that it's possible to build working mechanics for it, but the disparate number of players on either side make things tricky. I considered the ship cap myself when I first replied, but I can still see some potential problems with it:

1. Just because there's a maximum number of ships allowed in a combat zone, doesn't mean that equal numbers will show up. Feds could find 60 ships for a zone much more easily than Klingons could. The end result would be the same as unrestricted open-world PVP: a one-sided battle.

Cryptic could try to combat this by instituting a minimum number of ships per zone before a battle begins, but then you essentially have the same PVP system already in place. Also, queues can really be a b**** sometimes.

2. The number of players online fluctuates drastically depending on the time and day of the week. 120 players (I know that's a ballpark figure; I'm just running with it for now) might be tough to find at certain hours, and nowhere nearly big enough at others. If you open up the possibility of multiple instances of the same battle, how do you calculate who gets the territory? It can be done, but it involves a lot of foresight on the part of the devs.

That said, the original GW did a good job of that with Cantha province. I'm sure the problem isn't insurmountable, just complicated.

Anyways, territorial PVP would be a welcome addition to the game. It's just such a big can of worms that I think it would have to be the centerpiece of an entire season, at the very least. If the concept were rushed, and/or the complexities not given enough consideration, it would end up being a wasted effort ignored by the playerbase.

The devs have mentioned considering the concept in the past, so with the recent additions to the dev team and the precedent being set (presumably) by the Rommy update, maybe the idea will gain traction again.
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03-22-2013, 01:53 AM
BSGO could have been a really good game. But there were so many development mistakes that they are still bugfixing since 2 years. Compared to STO there was really no new content during this time, just new equipment you can pay for. And of course, if you are not the superfarmer, prices for equipment are astronomic. To get a fully equiped highlevel ship, you have to pay a few thousand euros...

Still I do play more BSGO than STO because of the open PVP. No fight is the same, you can win with hundreds of different tactics and still your enemy can surprise you, even if you think you already won the fight. PVP is the only real challenge in games, but round based PVP is too monotonous in my eyes. If they would integrate the open PVP from BSGO into STO, I would never leave this game again...

I think the mainproblem of BSGO, the server balance, would be even more worse in STO. Ships in BSGO are completly identical on each side, just with a different skin. Still they cannot get the servers balanced. How would this end in STO with each side having really different ships? Maybe it would even work better because of the third faction comming up in may...

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# 9
03-22-2013, 01:58 AM
As BSGO is based on GINO.. thanks but no thanks :-( ( I am a fan of the Classic Galactica)
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# 10
03-22-2013, 02:02 AM
I would love that type of PVP system in this game. But 90% of this game are PVE Babies who like shooting robots that always do retarded circle jerk movements. So I know Stahl, Geko or anyone wouldn't make this possible because of that.

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