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Originally Posted by dontdrunkimshoot View Post
your analogies completely fail. there is no opportunity to apply a personal touch like there would be fireing a gun or mixing chemicals. there are 500 layers of technology between the person pressing the button and the effect, be it an energy beam or a repulsing tractor beam. there is a complete reliance on the vast technology to do everything on its own, other then activate itself. the skill points arent even skill points, its really how reenforced particular systems are on your ship, how big your particle generator is or what ever.
Um, actually - it's a mix - in regards to the skill points. It's a combination of what the character knows and equipment that boosts the overall effectiveness of that skill.

You need 84 in Particle Generators for a Sci to train FBP3. That's 84 PrtG skill - it's not a case of having 3x PrtG Mk XII consoles that give you 90 pts. You need the skill to be able to train.

One can simply look at a mouse to see an example of this. Compare an old two button wheel mouse to a 15+ button laser mouse...the end result is the combination of the person's skill with the mouse and the technology they're using.

Originally Posted by dontdrunkimshoot View Post
theres no way to explain how tac buffs can magically make weapons deal an extra 50% to twice their damage, just as theres no way to explain how they effect things that arent a beam, cannon or torpedo. trying to draw some line or distinction is a laughable cause.
I don't know, cause you know...there's this thing where Tac Skills are in Red - Tac BOFFs are Red - if you unhide/show the BOFF Bar - Tac Abilities are surrounded by Red...looking at the Tac Skills you see Weapons Training, Energy Weapons, Projectile Weapons, EW Specialization, PW Specialization... one might put A & B together (as Cryptic has partially) that Tac Abilities would affect Weapons.

Originally Posted by dontdrunkimshoot View Post
you know what the difference between the button that fires weapon and the button that fires a tractor beam? nothing, other then its label or color. thanks to the magic of video games, a damage multiplier is applied to each, by the captain who's only role is to apply the most damage.
To apply the most damage. Yes. A Tac in an Escort should do the most damage in the game. That doesn't mean that a Tac in a Sci should do more damage than a Sci in a Sci with Sci abilities.. The Tac in the Escort should do more damage than the Sci in the Sci. Because the Tac's role is to do the most damage in the game. That doesn't mean the most damage with everything in the game. Just the most damage. Nobody's questioning that. Okay, well there are folks out there that question that. Heck, even I've argued for overall DPS equality over an extended period of time - but that's only from a Tac in an Escort's need to withdraw or receive support to stay in the fight - there's no arguing that the Tac's short term DPS should be the highest in the game.

Originally Posted by dontdrunkimshoot View Post
tacs make damage harderest, deal with it. get over your sci inferiority complex.
Again, look at praxi's signature. Makes my thoughts on Sci quite clear. They're the only folks that concern me in the game. Tacs don't bother me. I bet the other Eng will get bored before me. It's the Sci that ruins my day.

I'm the guy posting about SNB not clearing everything. Posting about how spammable HE ruins plasma as a damage form. Heck, posting that PH, HE, TSS should be Eng abilities - ST shouldn't have a shield heal - pointing to how Shield Healing is obviously an Eng thing.

I'm the guy asking for pseudo to-hit rolls on Sci abilities because it's mind boggling that somebody with a 30-40% to-hit against me with any of their weapons has a 100% to-hit with physical Sci abilities like SNB, Tractor Beam, Tachyon Beam.

I'm the guy asking about pseudo to-hit rolls on Sci abilities based on resist because the following example actually exists in the game:

Tom has 9 in Sensors, 4x +30 Sensors, other Sensors/Sci buffing gear, 125 Aux.
Rick has 0 in Sensors, no Sensors/Sci buffing gear, 25 Aux.
Harry has 0 in CMS, no CMS/Sci buffing gear, 25 Aux.

Harry's chance to use his Jam Sensors I against Tom and Rick is the same. 100%. Like WTF?

Heck, I even asked recently about the "Magic" of all the increased CrtH and how it's affecting various things.

That battle to try to bring some logic to Science can't happen while they've been nerfed elsewhere because of a Tac's ability to boost Sci abilities better than a Sci can.

Yes, Geko's got STO as Escorts Online - the devs are all Sisko/Defiant/DS9 fanbois.

There are Tacs whining that they're too squishy. There are Tacs whining that they're not killing things fast enough - there's too much healing.

It's not all Tacs, but by God - there are just so many Tacs out there acting like spoiled little's hard not to side with just about anything anybody says against them just to stick it to them.

But that's not what this is about it. It's not about nerfing Tacs into oblivion so that Sci do the most damage. It's about Cryptic going through the trouble to have separated things...and...then basically throwing that separation away all but from the start.
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