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# 1 What to do about Crafting
03-22-2013, 09:45 AM
So I popped on here and saw a bunch of threads about crafting. For the most part, they are whining about how bad it sucks, which is widely acknowledged, with very little about what to be done about it. People are talking about item power levels and things, and while that's a symptom of the problem, it doesn't fix the fact that crafting is entirely too much effort for not enough reward as things presently stand. So I'm starting a new thread for visions of STO crafting, and I'm going to lead with mine and my explanation about why.

It's the future, we have replicators to make everything. No one builds everything by hand-you're a starship captain, you're too busy.

Before I go further, my whole theory about game systems in STO is that they should be utilized to make the game feel more like Star Trek. So here we go.

This is my opinion, and I'm just throwing it out there. Crafting, in the vein where we go to crafting stations to craft, in Star Trek, makes zero sense. I understand the game didn't launch with Duty Officers. Why not eliminate the entire existing crafting system and put several series of DOFF missions at Memory Alpha? After all, it's not the Captain who is EVER in engineering, tinkering with stuff for hours-it's usually the Chief Engineer or some science personnel. When you have completed enough chains, which would benefit your Science, Engineering, and Development xp, you could have a shot at making something. Personally, I would LOVE to be able to craft an awesome Quantum Torpedo. I'm JUST throwin' it out there. ;p

I think we're pretty good on primary systems like shields, engines, and deflector arrays since the set bonuses are likely enough to make other options there less competitive, so I would suggest focusing the items made on weapon systems and consoles. On the character scale, there can and should be something about making the melee weapons that are so iconic in Star Trek, and possibly one of those could be an item for KDF that allows you to undertake a mission to craft your own super purple bat'leth in the volcano in the footsteps of Kahless. KDF players would LOVE that. I'm sure you could do something similar with lirpas as well.

The other side of this is the anomalies. Between the at-times unresponsive mini game, and the fact crafting is terrible, I avoid scanning them anymore. I hate the drops clogging up my inventory for a handful of junk I will NEVER have the patience to grind up to. But in reality, there aren't tons and tons of nodes. Why not make the data something you sell for some energy credits? Particularly at the beginning of the game, I'd have gone out of my way to make a couple thousand EC's. I would say crafting nodes at end game should be worth no less than 2k EC's and no more than ~3.5k EC's. It wouldn't be efficient to run around JUST scanning nodes to make all your money, but it would be just enough that if you had a LOUSY run of loot on your missions you wouldn't feel like you got nowhere that day.

*added bolding for emphasis, hope it isn't too much. -Tau

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