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03-22-2013, 01:34 PM
Originally Posted by havam View Post
but thats the point, compare a tac.sci with an eng/sci. One has a niche, the other doesn't..... We need synergy for the eng class badly. Pressure damage is one thing, but even if it is a sci ship as healer, we need a meaningful that an eng can do in that position.
The Eng doesn't participate in "The Kill" or in "The Denial"...

The Tac is obviously needed for "The Kill" - they apply the brutal burst damage after the Sci has created that opening.
The Sci is obviously needed for "The Kill" - without creating that opening, there's just so much resist/healing possible that nobody would die.

Even in "The Denial" - the Sci can SNB off buffs that would have helped for "The Kill" or drop out Scattering Field while slinging heals.

The Eng, unless they're the target of "The Kill" - isn't doing anything. By the time they are the target of "The Kill" - they're not getting any crosshealing from anybody else - so they're additional survivability isn't going to help them much. Pop!

Each Career should bring something to the Team - something to "The Kill", to "The Denial", or even to both.

Each Career should have some form of Synergy in each Ship. Depending on the Team, they might roll different ways with different Careers in different Ships - it wouldn't just be the standard cookie cutter stuff we have.

Course, the obvious danger there is that folks might find easy ways to exploit any such system. Might see five folks of the same Career in five different Ships - because there's just something about that Synergy that makes it "OP" compared to the rest. Maybe it's the three different Careers in the same five Ships. It could end up with less diversity than there is now.

I know I've said it elsewhere, but I'm really starting to get burnt out on PvP in this game. I'm playing less. When I do play, I'm most likely just to run through DOFFs and then log. I think I've spent most of my time logged in as a glitched KDF hunting BoPs that are hunting juicy Fed targets...thinking ahead, perhaps, to what Ker'rat might be like with Roms in there.
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