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We will be bringing the Tribble server down for maintenance to apply a new update.

Crystalline Entity:
  • It should now be more obvious when the Entity is in an Absorb phase.
  • Removed the Entity's ability to Critical Hit.
  • The Entity's 2nd use of its AOE power now deals less damage overall.
  • Resolved a rare AI issue that would prevent the Entity from dying in certain circumstances, when reduced to 0% hitpoints.
  • Each absorbed energy charge benefits the Entity to a lesser degree.
  • The Entity's Damage Resistance has been reduced by 10% vs. Energy Weapons and by 33% vs. Kinetic Weapons.
  • The Entity's regeneration rates at each phase have been cut in half.
  • Updated the Matter Conversion Beam:
    • The Matter Conversion Beam now fires less frequently, and no longer speeds up during the course of the encounter.
    • Matter Conversion Beam's damage has been reduced by 20% per hit.
      • Variance was also cut to 5% from 20%.
  • Updated the abilities of Large Crystalline Fragments:
    • Large Fragments now generate more Threat.
      • Helper NPCs, such as those called by Photonic Fleet, are now far more likely to target a Fragment, than the Entity.
    • Large Fragments can now succumb to Confuse effects.
    • Large Fragments can no longer land a Critical Hit when they ram your ship.
    • Large Fragments will now reliably deal explosion damage when they collide with a ship.
  • Updated the abilities of Small Crystalline Fragments:
    • Small Fragments no longer heal the Entity when they return to it.
    • Small Fragments will now instead apply a stacking 1% Damage Increase buff, when they reach the Entity.
      • Several Science Abilities can now be used to strip these buffs from the Entity after they have been applied:
        • Tachyon Beam
        • Charged Particle Burst
        • Energy Siphon
        • Tyken's Rift
  • Updated the contact's Event Briefing to include all the new information, as well as clarifying other information.
  • Adjusted the damage of pretty much every aspect of the encounter.
    • Some higher, some lower.

Known Issues:
  • Buff Stripping, using the powers called out in the Briefing, does not currently function properly.
  • Large Fragments still pursue Mines, Torpedoes, Small Craft and Summoned Reinforcements.
    • This will be changed in a future update, allowing the use of these abilities to once again be included as valid tactics for the Encounter.
  • The Queue will always result in setting the encounter to Elite difficulty.
    • This will be changed to Normal difficulty in a future fix.

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