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03-23-2013, 11:02 AM
Throw in a Sensor Scan and AP: Delta.
attack pattern delta is removed by tactical team, it has a low application time, and i only have a window of 5 seconds if i use it 100% well timed, wich means ill have 33% of my fbp boosted, but not as good as yours during the 15 seconds , beeing a fbp2 ( and i beeing a science officer didnt't fill attack patterns )

i mean, some of the tactical captain skills, if not all, shoud boost only starship weapons training, in the same % they boost now, only boosting torpedos and weapons, not isometric charge or fbp for example, leaving that job to debuff skills, like fire on my mark or sensor scan
it's not the ship or the build, it's the atitude

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