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Originally Posted by fliporican View Post


it begs to wonder if a Constitution Class interior set was made why not one for NX Class?

Because the assets they made for the Devidian FE series meant they didn't have to build it from scratch; which they would with an NX interior. So you're only likely to see this if we get a time travel mission back to that period.
Exploration suggestions thread - give it a read

BTW, you'd pronounce it 'Cap'n Manks'
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1. The ability to have orion bridges on orion ships. It makes no sense that they would choose to redo their own bridge to look like that of people they barely tolerate. (same for every racially specific ships)
2. An ability to search the exchange BY FACTION, so i don't have to sift through 100 fed officers to find one kdf one.
3. A federation Orion char choice (possibly with Zen). It'd just be fun, its probably not happening but a girl can dream right?

Oh and I have one more:
The uniforms from the alt 2250s. Idk how the legality would go (idk how copyrights work if they are different for the abrams one or not) But I think my fed characters would look really cute in those short sleeved ones. With that also the short sleeved tng ones
1. some kind of stand in for the pixel shader for those of us with older computers. I have no idea how that would work but I can't see trill spots and it makes me sad and very confused haha.

2. more long female hairstyles! Come on cryptic! I want curly orion hair like 98% of the orions in the show!!! Pleeeeassse!!

3. make a ship? some kind of thing to design a vessel like you design an alien. sure It may be a frankenship but It may be cool. parts of rare ships could appear if you own one perhaps.

Long term:
1. Perhaps some kind of reputation thing for KDF players and choices for marauding and Klingon missions and the fed could have section 31 etc. where if you do more dishonorable missions the klingons act meaner to you etc. I hate to hear how honorable i am after I just sold my crew and framed two houses. Doff missions could count too. It'd be interesting to have different paths like freelancer.

2. More visitable planets. Even if there isnt much there (i hope there would be) but I wanna go to bolarus and ferenginar, betazed, Orion colonies, trill etc.

3. n general and more love for kdf. We are people too you know! and I wanna fight federation ships much more often. Maybe alterations to dialogue in cloned missions so it doesnt look like everyone thinks your starfleet.
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so i only have on request and it seems more like a mid - long term but either way.

more shuttle integration. a few ideas would be a shuttle bay you can access from your bridge where you can chose and physically walk up to and board your shuttle. another would be a console that you could launch your shuttle like the saucer seperation or the multi-vector escort. one more would be an option of piloting a shuttle down to a planet versus beaming down.
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Originally Posted by kimmym View Post
Short - Mid - I'd like them to make "exploration zones" around the edges of the sector maps so instead of being told I can't take my Ody into deep space where she belongs if I hit the edge I just go and hit up exploration missions. Just once instead of hitting a wall I'd like to have my officer say "Permission granted to warp into deep space!" Ideally we would have the "one big sector space map" as well, but I'm flexible on that. Might be a lot of work for very little return to try and replace the current starmap.
I agree with the exploration zones, what about having a feature implemented based upon how far you can go into this "unknown" space before resupplying your ship with fuel and/or food. Prehaps as you get further you could see quasars and black drawth stars and so on. This would be a very Star Trek feature as are we supposed to go where no one has gone before?

This may however may be a whole patch that may take days or weeks to do??

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Almost everyday a lot of users (including myself) are facing huge lags, and it's clearly server problems. I'm a huge fan of STO, but these problems are preventing me from enjoying the game (even play the game).

Please, make these lag problems a priority, otherwise you will compromise every marketing effort to make this game profitable.
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03-21-2013, 06:49 AM
short requests...
a count on particles on hand vs particles needed for various memory alpha or on board ship quests.
being able to look at another ship and see what armaments are on her (ie being able to study here to build a ship correctly and seeing what works for them)
fixing glitches regarding the starbase fleet defense 20 man with the remix of the guys voice.

mid term
bump up on dilthium refined to 10k.
more specials on zen based materials.
more packs for newer players and specials on "gee whiz" ships

long term..
other than playable factions (ie cardassians and romulans) sub factions would be a great addition such as mercenaries. Also traits that improve with each evaluation (of course this would cost exp points). (so where are the Yridians?)
Expansion into deep space for science ships for long term missions yielding rare and very rare materials to build gear or maybe new story lines.
general overhaul of Memory Alpha.

and really, charging for extra slots on your account? That is ridiculous. It seems to me that it would be in your best interest to allow at least 10 playable slots per account to buy more gear and dilthium with zen.
10 slots
3 federation
2 klingon
2 romulan (coming soon! and yes I am looking forward to it and the scimitar better be available)
2 sub faction (maybe a human or vulcan science expedition or mercenary/raider crew working for the ferengi)
1 open

This is a fun game and i look forward to playing it more than I did WOW.
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Short term
-Foundry available for non premium player (silly to charge users to generate content for you).
-Fix the viewscreen in ship so it isn't 2d.

Mid term
-First person shooter mode.
-Better search options in the marketplace such as specific modifiers.

Long Term
-Missions involving your ship actually being boarded and you defending it, use of shuttles etc.
-Holodeck missions.

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Totally in need off:

- Boffs wearing Off-Duty clothes.

- Access to the Fleet Store from anywhere (like the Dil Store). I dont want to travel to the Fleet Base all the time to buy a weapon.
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I'm sure these are repeated somewhere in the hundreds of pages above, but my 2 EC:

Short Term:

Add many more ELITE missions. End game needs variety.

Add more options to earn Fleet/Omega/Romulan Marks so we aren't grinding the same missions day after mind numbing day. (I'd love to be able to choose to fly the Rom storyline on Elite and earn Rom Marks, or fight Borg signal contacts to earn Omega Marks)

Klingons should have to fight a duel in order to gain their next class of warship. Heck, lots more duelling and conflict for Klingons in general.

Medium Term:

Completely overhaul 'Explore Strange New Worlds' Missions. Ideally, something open and freeform like the Radiant Engine from Skyrim would go here; a mission from Admiral X to go to Sector Y and explore several new star clusters - including just flying around and inspecting unusual things or actually dealing with first contact. A real 'science challenge' mission would be wonderful. It would be great if missions could start in a similar fashion, then vary based on events and player choices.

Exploration missions should be fail-able, and hopefully have Elite versions that are considerably more challenging.

The most awesome thing would be extra rewards for 'staying out' longer and longer, without going back to starbase - signifying a really long deep exploration mission (Voyager would've earned big Dilitihium!)

In that same vein, expand on the options available in the existing universe. Give me reasons to visit Vulcan or Sol, and things to accomplish there.

Long Term:

Include a lot more activities that can be done aboard ship. Perhaps repairs and crew injuries aren't just visiting a shipyard and hitting 'repair' or spending parts, but could be mini-missions undertaken aboard your own vessel to try and repair things yourself, without going back to port.

It'd be awesome if your DOff's spawned models aboard your ship.

It'd be even more awesome and Trek-ish if you could play small quests aboard your own ship, interacting with your own crew. Espescially if those interactions gave bonuses (even temp ones) to your BOffs and DOffs.
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short term? you guys need a search bar in the forums so us players can see if we have a question thats already been asked

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