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"They say history is written by the winners. At Memory Alpha, where Federation librarians chronicle the history of the galaxy, mysteries of the past await."

This is a story driven, narrative heavy mission with lots of dialog and a little space combat. It is meant for solo play and the mission won't make much sense if you're on a team. It is a complete story by itself and not part of an ongoing arc. I think it's pretty good but it is my first foundry mission so I am very interested in feedback. Time: 15-45 minutes depending on how fast you read. There are no level restrictions.

Sorry for not giving a more detailed description but I don't want to spoil any of the plot twists. Suffice it to say you start out reporting to Memory Alpha to archive your ship logs and end up investigating the truth behind certain inconsistencies (i.e. plot holes) that are a part of federation history.

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