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# 9 cool updates if made possible
03-24-2013, 10:44 AM
Originally Posted by Archived Post View Post
And here are my top three for each category, to hopefully get the thread started.

EDIT: Leaving these up as an example, but since some of them were addressed, I've added another post (I think it's on page 6) with an updated list for myself


- Make weapons auto-holster when beaming down to starbases or for non-combat missions.
- Add banks and standard vendor NPCs to Memory Alpha.
- Add some kind of way for us to see our progress at Memory Alpha.


- More fleet actions in existing sectors. Ideally, there should be a new one every 4-5 grades in the progression, with several at Admiral.

- A "task force" interface that allows players to form task forces out of 2-4 teams and do fleet actions and sector battles together.

- Implement something closer to a traditional crafting system than what Memory Alpha is.


- Focus on branching storylines; give players choices during the missions that affect the outcomes (and maybe the rewards) of the missions.

- Introduce missions with a risk of failure that would require you to start the mission (or part of it) over; timers that you have to beat (escape the base before it explodes), the ability for the NPC you're protecting to actually be destroyed/killed, etc.

- Introduce romulan and cardassian as playable factions, with unique PvE and PvP content for each.
i agree but would love to be able to play as a borg.

you could have the freshly assimilated, a partial drone and a full drone, tactical drone, medical drone, etc and then eventually make you a queen if you wanted to play that. levels don't really gain you rank but you get new ships every ten levels and get more life and equiptment. Then you can have assimilation missions and conquer worlds in the end. more of a conquering race. You could aslo have a borg homeworld and more on the origin of the borg.

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