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And here are my top three for each category, to hopefully get the thread started.

EDIT: Leaving these up as an example, but since some of them were addressed, I've added another post (I think it's on page 6) with an updated list for myself


- Make weapons auto-holster when beaming down to starbases or for non-combat missions.
- Add banks and standard vendor NPCs to Memory Alpha.
- Add some kind of way for us to see our progress at Memory Alpha.


- More fleet actions in existing sectors. Ideally, there should be a new one every 4-5 grades in the progression, with several at Admiral.

- A "task force" interface that allows players to form task forces out of 2-4 teams and do fleet actions and sector battles together.

- Implement something closer to a traditional crafting system than what Memory Alpha is.


- Focus on branching storylines; give players choices during the missions that affect the outcomes (and maybe the rewards) of the missions.

- Introduce missions with a risk of failure that would require you to start the mission (or part of it) over; timers that you have to beat (escape the base before it explodes), the ability for the NPC you're protecting to actually be destroyed/killed, etc.

- Introduce romulan and cardassian as playable factions, with unique PvE and PvP content for each.
i agree but would love to be able to play as a borg.

you could have the freshly assimilated, a partial drone and a full drone, tactical drone, medical drone, etc and then eventually make you a queen if you wanted to play that. levels don't really gain you rank but you get new ships every ten levels and get more life and equiptment. Then you can have assimilation missions and conquer worlds in the end. more of a conquering race. You could aslo have a borg homeworld and more on the origin of the borg.
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Only 1 Short Term: fix bug in the Colliseum episode

No mid-term goal

3 Long Term Goals: Delta Quadrant missions + non-playable characters (besides the Hirogen that appear - ie Kazon, Malon, Vidiians, Talaxians, Ocampa); "choose your own adventure" missions...you choose the outcome - no right or wrong choices unlike some of the previous missions (ie DS9 meeting re Borg just before Dominion attack, in Cardassian storyline); more time travel (but to Archer's time) - since the only time-travel storyline is the 23rd century and the Tasha Yar story

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1.: I want to be able to arrange my Boff List myself. I have about 40 Boffs and I don't know why it is not able to arrange them by profession. I have six departments (sci/med/tac/sec/eng/ops) and when I want to compare or do changes to Boffs it is always complicated to browse through the whole list.

2.: I want my Boffs at Commander level to be able to do their own small missions. Not PvE, or PvP or story missions, but doing some exploring, walking around. Some sort of a light version of my captain. Maybe with the away team.

and that leads over to

3.: The Boffs need more customization freedom.
Off-Duty Uniforms are a must!
Ground Boffs should be able to put on Kits too! Or at least my chosen leading Commander level Boff.
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Probably mention already but nonetheless here we go:-


1 In a high technological universe, isn't it silly not to be able to access bank/exchange etc on your ship? Ship access to bank, exchange and markets seems to me to be a necessity. Scrap the bank/exchange access story on the the 2 ships for Federation and Klingon and instead have them sell unique regular and random items both not anywhere else.

2 Duty Officer Assignment Mission Chains. An alert as to when missions in a chain group become available and of course where they are located. In a multi-sector multi mission set up, keeping up with assignment chains and where and when they are up is a royal pain to be honest.

3 Ship manoeuvrability. In all honesty when I first played the lack of this was a turn off. Space ships have nothing to stop them from moving in any direction or angle and the artificial gravity doesn't allow your drink to spill So no restrictions on ship manoeuvrability.


1 Sector and sector base market speciality please. Each sector has a/some market commodities they specialize in that none of the others have. Of course whatever they are have to be actually useful and worthwhile. E.g. One sector's speciality is combat impulse engines and another sector maybe high end level beam arrays etc

2 Crafting freedom. Would like to be able to craft what I want not a choice of what you provide. So with product x, I choose what attributes I want to add from a list. E.g lets say a ship shield. I choose from a list what type of shield and then I also choose what attributes I want from a shield attribute list.

3 Sigh, the ground crew. Besides the numerous mentioned graphic glitches with ground crew. There needs to be better control of your ground team. Things like choice of formation modes, position control, distance from you and when and when not to fire. Of course a ground crew with some sort of self preservation would be nice.


This is pretty much sort out the issues that many keep bringing up before you move on to major development projects.

All in all you all have a good thing going here. Lots of content with variety and you actually listen to what people have to say. I see no reason why you shouldn't be around for several more years.

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Here are my ideas... not sure if they're long-term, short-term, or whatevery, but... :P

1. An option to beam your BOffs down with you when you go to non-mission areas (Earth Spacedock, ship interior, etc.)

2. Off-duty outfits on BOffs

3. Not sure. :P

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1. Wish To have the option to upgrade lower level star ships of lower rank
2. Wish To have the option to change Boff stations

this one a long shot but.
3. wish i had the ability to take control of one of my boffs and use him on
away missions and stf and what not, instead of my main character.
4. wish i had the ability to put Kits on my boffs.
5. be able to have the choice to remove Primary trait and customize all 4 traits on any species
when making a character.

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Short Term:

1) Andorian Imperial Guard Uniforms and weapons. [CLICK HERE]

2) Vulcan attire [CLICK HERE] and Vulcan starship uniforms [CLICK HERE]

3) Enterprise Away Team Jackets, Desert Attire, Gym Attire [CLICK HERE]

Medium Term:

1) More ground combat pets

2) New Duty Officer Species

3) Revamp crafting

Long Term:

1) More internal starship customizable options (i.e. Engineering, Mess Hall, Captain's Quarters, Sickbay)

2) More shuttle craft/small craft missions

3) More Federation member homeworlds (Tellar Prime, Delta IV Trillus Prime, Benzar, Betazed, Bolarus IX, Rigel IV, Denobula, Cait, etc.)
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Insert a Feature to kick idle Players from Team. (Maybe 2min AFK than Option for Members to kick the Player)

STFs for 2-4 Players or Teams 5+

Rescale Ships that they all have the same Scale. A Runabout should be much smaller than a Cruiser.
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Short Term

1. Fix the Klingon side: The banks/exchange/mail on Qo' nos you have to go to a specific spot at any terminal to use. Thats been around for a while now guys!!!!

2. Cargo ships: There needs to be more sectors with these ships!!! The Klingons have no access in there sector. Also DS9 is a trading hub why is there no cargo ships going through.

3. Defera Borg Invasion: Why is there no bank or merchant? Wow you gave us a mailbox!

Mid Term

1. The KDF needs more ships, when was the last time they got ships? The bortas!!! come the KDF needs more support all around. Add new ships Tact, Engy, and Sci.

2. Loading into the same zone as your teamates. This is a huge problem. most time you join a group you can not get into that zone cause its full. This needs to be that way for space and ground. If you join a team you all go to the same instance.

3. Fix the All bugs before you make new content.

Long Term

1. Fix all the bugs before you make new content. Yes its a repeat!!!!!

1A. Before you make new content make sure your not going to end up killing the Fleets and Starbase. With the Roms coming out you have ultimately signed the death warrant for the KDF!!!

2. Fleet base: The amount of Dil it takes to complete any project is crazy! You have a 8k dil cap a day. Hello tier 3 takes 1 mil in dil to complete a small fleet can not hope to finish or achieve. Increase the Dil cap and make dil easier to get along with EC and EXP.

3. Fix the bugs before you make new content!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Have a Shuttle bay and can go out in shuttle (doors open and close) and fly around ship. Also have it so you can command from Bridge like in Star Trek Bridge Commander.

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