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03-24-2013, 08:57 PM
Hello Captains,

I am here in behalf of Borg Defiants Fleet.... We would like to open our doors to anyone and everyone that would like to join us on this group of friendly, helpful, loyal, experienced, fun players that willing to help you and everyone... We have recently finish our most helpful piece of information, our official website...

Since we are not only a single fleet looking to increase in numbers or strength, we have created the title as some of you've seen in the Holodeck from now and then, "Borg Defiants" this title is not only dedicate to our members but to our group of 2 fleets soon to increase to 3 when Romulans first appear in game.. In order to join us ne sure to visit our website application form at the link below...

We will answer your application as soon as possible, if you do not get a notification with-in 24 hrs, make sure to post a comment on our Facebook page... ans we will seek to help you ASAP!

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