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03-25-2013, 08:48 AM
So now that people are starting to get up in arms about the uniforms the Romulan Republic may or may now wear, when do we get back on track and focus on the ships? Specifically the D'Deridex and the buffs it REQUIRES?
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03-25-2013, 08:55 AM
Originally Posted by reyan01 View Post
You think that the D'Deridex is going to have a poor turn-rate? However bad it may (or may not) be, it's probable that it''ll still put the Schimitar class/type turn-rate to shame.

You can almost guarantee that the Schimitar class/type will have a turn-rate comprable to the Kremlin!
Well, to be honest, if the Galaxy class has a turn rate of 6, then the D'Deridex should have the turn rate of the Kremlin, since canon-wise it's quite larger than a Galaxy.

Which will consequently lead to the Scimitar class having the turn rate of the Taj Mahal!
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03-25-2013, 09:13 AM
Buff the D'Deridex before its even in-game? Why not just relax and take a deep breath, I'm sure it'll be all kinds of awesome. They're the ships their advertising on the front page of the LoR page so there will be more effort put in that honest

Since we are however talking buffage, why not buff the Galaxy Class?
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03-25-2013, 10:38 AM
Originally Posted by wanderer89 View Post
Buff the D'Deridex before its even in-game?
Abso-frickin-LUTELY! If not now, then when? If we wait, it will be too late. The D'Deridex will end up just like the Galaxy! Is that what you want?

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