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# 1 Star Trek Voyager
03-25-2013, 10:54 AM
I have so far watched every episode of every Star Trek show including the animated show. The only exception is Voyager. I am right in the middle of season 4. I want to say that Voyager is by far my favorite Star Trek show. DS9 comes second for me then TNG, Enterprise and TOS after that. I am writing this here because I remember in the past I have noticed alot or just a good amount of people criticize Voyager and Captain Janeway. Will Weaton even made a negative comment about her character on a past Talking Dead episode he was on. I honestly don't know why. With Species 4782, The Borg, and dealing with the emergeance of 7 of 9's human side Janeway is amazing and so is the show. Not since DS9 and Sisko dealing with the wraiths and Gul Dukat have I ever felt more excited. I can't wait to finish the show because I actually cheated on Netflix and skimmed through the last one and saw the borg and an old Janeway. I have never seen past 7 of 9's first appearance or two so if anyone responds please no spoilers.

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