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# 11 Tac ship theory thread
03-26-2013, 10:31 AM
Originally Posted by aspartan1 View Post
It depends on your play style. I like to run a fast attack boat but some people swear by torps as a hunter killer build. I speck zero points into torps on the skill tree and max out wpn dmg. If you want to use torps then use them as your main turrets for PD.

Wpn wise the Plas/Dis are the flavor of year so to speak especially if you have Liberated Borg.

On a side note there is a very good thread about Tac ship theory going. I highly suggest you study it. Lots of high quality information in it.
Can you provide the link to this Tac ship theory thread you mention?
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03-26-2013, 11:21 AM
ditch the wing cannons and andorian console for sure
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03-26-2013, 11:48 AM
Well, I had come in search of advice and see I found what I was looking for.

According to my math I could add aprox 1.5 tac consoles worth of dps to my build if I dropped the Andorian stuff, went Plasma, and loaded up on romulan consoles, the zero point, and tossed in my Rule 62, but I didn't want to lose the specials (And those blue Andorian phasers are really pretty...)

Seems the common wisdom is I'm doing it right... Kinda sad really, I love those phasers...

Edit: Sorry, I fly a Kumari, my build would not work on a Charal, so I don't have a lot of input. If you spend both sci consoles on romulan consoles you can get the same plasma boost.

In the Kyzon you can load up 4 consoles, zero point, and a rule 62, but at that point unless you really hate the Kumari boff layout you're better off just using a Kumari. Where you favor a Charal boff layout the Kyzon may be more up your alley, as you can mimic most useful boff layous and you gain 2 sci consoles... If you are going that route.

Edit2: Well, I have some surprising results.

Going full on plasma did not significantly increase my DPS. In fact I lost some.

I'm pretty good at keeping my wing cannons alive, due in no small part to them not humping breaching warp cores. With some careful flying I maintain a high uptime on them. In all they contributed 7% of my total damage.

That is no small bump.

Adding to that the damage from my wing cannon overloads and the utility of the shield stripping, I found no good reason to make the change from a DPS standpoint. That said, if you wanted to lose the native consoles for survivability options, going plasma or such would make sense. For me, when I want survivability, I'm not flying a Kumari... I have other ships for that.

Edit3: I missed a line in the output, my Wing Cannon Platforms did a full 8% of my damage. That doesn't sound huge, but that is more DPS then I gained from CSV3, which did 9% of my total damage but you also need to subtract the damage that my cannons would have done in that time without the skill, which puts it behind. Saying the Kumari set is worthless is like saying you can leave your commander tac station empty with no repercussions.
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